The Four Sources of Emotions


Joy, Excitement, Adventure, Elation


Cognitive Core

Stages of Change, Shock and Awe/Negotiation/ Grief = Loss, Sad (is healthy)

Fear System (Guilt System)

Fear, Shame (Guilt) – BOUNDARIES – Guilt = Violation of Ethics = SCARCITY

Defense System

Anger, Frustration, Annoyance, “Being Bothered”

Confusion = RED ALERT = TAMPERING Cognitive Core

Anxiety = RED ALERT – Trapped = Lack of CONTROL = LACK AUTHORITY = NOT USING YOUR BOUNDARIES…. In your Comfort Zone and you don’t feel safe enough to leave your comfort Zone … Fear system VS… your IDENTITY…

Dissociation = Fear System “SYSTEM SHUT DOWN” – “Flop” Response

When the emotions you feel are INTENSE…

  • Currently in Danger and you are NOT using your Boundaries
  • You are off calibration and your Fear System is trying to use MOTIVATOR EMOTIONS on you
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