Core Lessons

The Geometry and Physics of Sustained Human Relationships

New data regarding Emotional Transactions of Human Connections and The You of I : Since September 2022, I felt like I was having to work to stay connected to my partner. At the risk of sounding “corny,” we depended much on our love to keep the relationship going. Through the hardest parts of enduring the …

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How To Build Yourself From Nothing

How To Build Yourself From Nothing Symptoms of Traumatized in the 1st Perspective: Addiction Eating Disorder Self-Mutilation Kidnappers / Serial Killers / Pedophilia Feeling trapped in a Comfort Zone Anxiety and Panic Attacks (FeelingTrapped from being trapped in your comfort Zone) Discouragement Self-Loathing Overwhelm These are all symptoms that the Individual is not Self-Regulating for Comfort …

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Learn Logic. Find the Anomalies. Become a Detective. This is what sparked, ignited, and propelled my education forward. I was curious and couldn’t stand anomalies. I still can’t. They pick at me and nag at my logic like little mysteries begging to be riddled out and resolved. It’s a method of teaching I am using …

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On Forgiveness

This is best followed with The Narcissist Cure. Which is to be done after you understand the Emotional Transactions of Human Connection. We are Mirrors. Literally. Human People live and Learn by the Laws of Optic Physics. We are Mirrors. We REFLECT EVERYTHING. We see our Reflection of Past Self in others. We MUST train …

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Objectivism + Empath vs Internalization + Boundaries

Introducing The Empowerment Ladder Likewise, the Disempowerment Ladder is how we degrade the Self into a Spiral Self-Salvation The cure to all levels of Narcissism is Self-Salvation The Stages of Narcissism Removal From the Self: Cut people out / Set BOUNDARIES / Deny Access (27 December 2023) How to BECOME Objective (How to STOP Internalizing)

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