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May Warmth and Love always Find you

A reminder that Anna breaks the 4th Wall long before she breaks character…

Anna offers Consultation and Diagnostics direct from The Point of Comprehension at every imagined spectrum and subject, starting at $500,000 per day. Her emphasis is on Strategic Solutions with The One-In-8-Billion Perspective straight from The Point of Comprehension. 

She only provides Consultation for:

  1. C-Suite Executives
  2. Top Tier
  3. Visionaries

You must meet 2 of these 3 requirements.

Anna’s Perspective is nurtured from The Ancient Greek Educational System, which produced the same minds as Euclid, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, Christ, Aristotle, Plutarch, and Pliny The Younger. Her Perspective and Views are based solely on Logic, Math, and Physics, and Chain Reaction Science. She incorporates Pythagorean Psychology, Ethics, Power Economics, Societal Forecasting, and 20+ years of Business On-The-Field Research and Science, with the Integration of Human Behavior, and Mental Health. 

Consultations to sate your pallet, drink your fill with Anna’s Nutritional Knowledge.

Anna is very selective on who she works with. Those she does select must be matched to her Life Stream. Text Anna on WhatsApp at +19296154244 to schedule an appointment.

“Talking with you for one hour was equivalent to the 6 months I got from my therapist!” – Dawn, Virginia, US

“Wow! You figured out in 5 minutes that I had PTSD!? It took my therapist a year to figure that out!” – Janet, New York, NY

“I got more out of that conversation than anything I got from the 6 years of therapy!” – Richard, Upstate New York

How did you figure out that I was having a PTSD Episode? I’m a therapist with 4 Doctorate Degrees in Psychology and Psychiatry, and I couldn’t even tell!” – Christine, Queens, NY

The Chef’s Special For Corporate

For The CEO (The Business Owner)

Anna steps into your world to review you, your business, and your Communication System within your business. It lays out all of the finer, minute details of Triadic Healing for the CEO and we assess, diagnose, and plug in Triadic Healing, The 12 Ethics, Human Circuitry, and Power Economics right into your business.

Most Business Owners focus so much on Numbers and the Business Model, that they fail to realize they are the First Pillar of their Business.

A Business lives, breathes, grows, and dies on the Mental Health of the Business Owner.

Mother Nature’s Business Model (The Business Model) 

Convert your Traditional Business Model over to Mother Nature’s Business Model that incorporates the Ethics and Strategies mastered in Triadic Healing. Nourish and Nurture Your Business Foundation and thus, your Business from the Ground up. Nurture the Conduit and the Network that holds your company together.

You get the same Business Model that runs The Healing Garden so you can ensure the greatest success and structure for your business.

Turn your Business Into A Nurturing Network For Your Employees (The Business Communication and Network)

Business Owners often struggle understanding the Needs of the Employees and staff who, in most cases, don’t even know what they want and need. The Employees are the Crew of your Ship and if your Crew is not nourished, eating well, and Mentally and Physically Fit, then your Ship will not sail. “An army marches on its stomach.”

For “The Full Monty,” Anna combines Pythagorean Psychology, The Art of War, with 20+ years of Business “In-The-Field” Science and Research, Power Economics, Societal Solutions and Networking to bring your Business’s Communications and Network up to a whole new level. 

We also provide your Employees and their families with The Healing Garden’s Life Guidance Counselor. “How is your Network Working for You?” is the motto of the PANDO Network that we connect into your Business Model to nourish your Foundation at the ground.

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