The Pendulum Paradigm™

You cannot have a comfortable life on the outside and a comfortable life on the inside until you accept and work through the discomfort on the inside. The Human Experience requires balance. The Ying and the Yang. You must choose, what kind of life you have.

Do I want to be comfortable on the inside? Or comfortable on the outside?

Most people subconsciously choose comfort on the outside while they live in mental turmoil and anguish. So they have a comfortable job that they hate (comfort on the outside with discomfort on the inside). They have a home environment that is familiar and predictable, but where they are abused and hated on or neglected (comfort on the outside with discomfort on the inside). They have a love life that is familiar and predictable, but they are miserly, bitter, and resentful toward an abusive or neglectful partner (comfort on the outside with discomfort on the inside).

Our society conditions us to be uncomfortable on the inside so we can be mediocre and deflated, but comfortable on the outside.

The shift in our lives happens when we decide to get uncomfortable on the outside so we can get comfortable on the inside.

The changes on the outside always reflects the changes on the inside.

That’s when you get the dream car, the dream romance, the dream house, the dream career, the dream life… But inside, you get bored, complacent, unfulfilled. Now you are comfortable on the outside and comfortable on the inside. The Universe requires her balance. The Human Mind must be challenged, must have adventure, must grow to be happy. But when we sit too comfortable in our familiar and predictable lives, the Mental Mind experiences unrest.

Stepping outside of the Binary Perspective thinking that is Death (In my opinion), allows you to see a different perspective : Perspective Thinking, or, what I like to call “3rd Dimensional Thinking.”

People today boast that we are “in the 3rd Perspective moving into the 4th.”

To that I say, “For a bunch of people thinking we’re living in the 3rd Perspective, the majority of us are still thinking in the 2nd Perspective.”

  • Black and White.
  • Man and Woman.
  • Right and Wrong.
  • Win and Lose.
  • Good and Bad.
  • Friend and Enemy.
  • Scarcity and Abundance.

Everything is divided and categorized in Hierarchical and Competitive Mindset. The only ones really thinking in “3rd Dimensional Thinking” are Transgender, Gender Fluid, and Non-Conformists who have found ways to see life beyond just two options of “Either/or.” Buddhists have learned how to accept the good with the bad and to not practice severe aversion to suffering.

I call this binary-polarized thinking with severe aversion to avoid the polar opposite experience, The Pendulum Paradox. When a person, desperate to avoid pain, suffering, and scarcity swings the polar opposite way to avoid and avert pain and discomfort.

But The Universe needs balance, and she will use Karma to get it (Hence the “Even-Steven” Philosophy).

  • Invert or Extrovert?
  • Isolated or Social?
  • Non-conformist vs. Non-Conformists?
  • Religious vs. Atheist?

Think about this, where are you growing? Where are you showing improvement? Where are you challenging your “Comfort Zone?” Because if you aren’t, then you’re de-evolving.

Here is a Story Board to illustrate and educate. The Parenting Pendulum Paradigm.

Mind blown?

My practices and techniques take my crew members by the hand and guide them out of the Binary “Pendulum” Mindset so they can view the “Point Of Truth” from all perspectives. By having the skill to shift perspectives, expand their Mind at will, and problem solve from unlimited points of views, they can see the WHOLE truth from all angles instead of a fraction of the Truth from only two angles, allowing them to problem solve, live, think, adventure from an ALL Omniscient Points of View.

Now this, is what I call Freedom.

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