The Philosopher’s Fountain

I had no idea that I had Multiple Personality Disorder until 2022. I was diagnosed with “Dissociative Disorder” in 2015. Later, in 2022, I learned from my therapist that they lied to me about my diagnoses, knowing that my true diagnoses was kept from me because they knew I would “Google that shit.” They were right to keep this truth from me. Never tell a person with Multiple Consciousness Disorder that they have Multiple Consciousness Disorder.

Joanna, my Host Alter, would have sent my system into full-system Emergency mode and there is no telling what she would have done to protect us. At that time, I (The Core), was living in the 4th Level of the Subconscious Mind. There is no telling what would have happened to me if my Alters had come to learn that they were Alters before they were ready. For this reason, I am very much opposed to Hypnotherapy. It sickens me to think what would have happened to me if Joanna had decided to get Hypnotherapy done (Watch the episodes “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart” from House, MD, for a perfect example of what I mean).

In 2022, The Warrior Queen who I fondly named Kallan, wrote a letter to Joanna and my King to tell me us* that “Anna has Multiple Personality Disorder and doesn’t know it.” By then, I had nearly 30 years in Psychology. I contacted my therapist who confirmed my true diagnoses from 2015 was “Dissociative Identity Disorder.” Once my Alters and I decided we would all Integrate, we set to work. We researched the condition to learn that NO ONE had ANY clue about MPD or DID.

Me being me, I did the most logical thing: Field research. Each one of my Alters had their own Emotional Trigger and, on purpose, we took turns shifting Alters, studying the Subconscious Mind from all four Perspectives for changes when we switched. Thank the Universe, we also studied Philosophy for 30 years. We looked for similarities and differences within the Subconscious Mind between each Alter, carefully mapping out every corner and space of the Subconscious Mind. We mapped the similarities, the changes, the differences, and the logic.

With our map, we were able to locate and identify the core and cause of Mental Illness, and how to cure it. April 2022, Kallan wrote Joanna and Our King that letter. May 2022, Imagination and Angela surfaced and then we saw and understood how to fix all Mental Illness. Only Joanna was Mentally Ill. Bergen, Kallan, and Imagination were not. Angela was not. May 2022, I had a series of MRI’s done. Angela stuttered. Not realizing that my Core was surfacing with a Stuttering problem, I thought I had MS. I was astounded to see a beautiful, clear brain completely absent of any evidence of my Mental Illness. The Neurologist told me that my brain looked like a 20-year-old brain. Fascinating.

By April 2023, I concluded my work and Integrated. 1 April 2023 was the last time I “switched.” May 2023, after I was roofied and raped, I was evaluated and received a clean bill of health. I was FREE of PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, BiPolar I, Co-Dependency, Depression, and Dissociative Identity Disorder. My Attachment Style was Secure. My Trauma Amnesia was gone. I have much to say about Multiple Consciousness Disorder.

It was October 2023 when a good friend of mine, a Neuroscientist, said to me, “The Subconscious Mind does not exist.” I blinked. “Like hell it doesn’t. I lived there for 32 years!” *laughing* He clarified. “Not in the brain.” I recalled my MRI images from May 2022.

Within this classroom, I document my findings and conclusions. I provide all of the material I utilized to outmaneuver my Subconscious Mind, who I affectionally refer to as “Rick” so that you too many understand your Subconscious Mind. – Anna Imagination

This is Anna’s Classroom. These are lessons Anna learned from Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology that are too important to not share.

  • The Rorschach Print Perspective™
  • Plato’s Logic™
  • The Philosopher’s Compass™
  • The Teacher’s Formula™
  • Forward Giving™
  • Authority, Power, and Control
  • The Gifting-Gratitude Exchange™

“Of all the things I’ve lived through, seen, and learned, the most mind-blowing thing that stills leaves me slack-jawed is the Subconscious Mind.– Anna Imagination

*me us … My Subconscious Mind wrote this. I often switch between the pronouns “I” and “Me” and “We” and “Us” when referring to my Alters and I. Although I am Integrated and we now only share the one Consciousness, I know they are a part of me and also Multiple. Every Human Person on this planet is made up of Multiple Parts. A Multiple is someone whose Consciousness split for Psychological Safety purposes.

Truth about Psychological Safety, if our parents and loved ones will not provide us with a Psychologically Safe environment, then the Subconscious Mind will. at any cost.

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