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“Science is the Pursuit of Truth through Nature. Nothing More. Nothing Less.” –  Anna Imagination

“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity and not in the multiplicity and the confusion of things.” – Sir Isaac Newton

My name is Anna Imagination. My story is the foundation of my work. I am a scientist, a Cartographer of the Internal Expanse, an Ontological Physicist, and the Founder of The Science of Comprehension. I use my research and discoveries for Societal Solutions to nourish the World and all of Mankind. My work focuses on Vitalogy : The Science and Logic of Life and the Lost Science of Human Propagation with Power Economics and Pythagorean Psychology.

My Mastered Discipline is in Reverse Engineering Intuition and discovering Academic Disciplines, which I then build into learnable and fun content for others to learn with the greatest of ease. My Mission is to raise the Quality and Standards of Life for all through Quality Education and Learning.

I am currently pioneering toward Unified Theory. You can view my Scientific Method here. I am Independent and own my own Business. I am not affiliated with any Insurance Company, Government Body, University, or Science Facility. I adhere to the rules and laws of Scientific Method and Ethical Law and Natural Order. 

I believe in full Transparency. For this reason, I post the “Stages of Proof” here on my Front Page. 

At this time, 100% of my work is as follows:

  1. Mathematical Intuition and Intuitive Logic Completed
  2. Logical Proof Completed
  3. Math Proof and Formula Completed
  4. Physics Proof and Formula Completed 
  5. Interviews and Discussion with Layman showing 100% Confirmation in “Practical Application” Completed
  6. Abstract Written on my current theory. You can view my Abstract here. 
  7. Currently In progress: Case Studies Conducted Those who go through my Triadic Healing Courses are given a Survey before and after to establish a Control Group. As people complete Triadic Healing, data is collected via surveys to analyze their progress through Triadic Healing.
  8. Currently In progress: My work is currently undergoing Peer Review 
  9. Currently In progress: Preparations for Clinical Trials is underway. Results will be published here.

“Nothing disrupts the ability to articulate clear and precise Logical Thought more than Logical Fallacy, which often, and in most cases, is misinterpreted by lesser minds as “Mental Illness” or “Insanity.” – Anna Imagination


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