The Rorschach Print Perspective™

I see us all looking at each experience in our lives through a Rorschach Print… And I keep this thought in my head always. Always. So that when someone around me reacts, blows up, internalizes, withdraws, cries, lashes out, or gets hurt, I can see them and think “What are you seeing in your Rorschach Print?”

But if we are all just looking through Rorschach Prints, then it is only ever our perspective that can be altered. If only I could see what you see, then I would know how to show you what I see. And then we would understand each other.

As a result, I’m calm often and very forgiving. Nothing rattles me. I know who I am and where I am always. I am seated on a pillar looking at a Rorschach Print. That is where I am. And I see everyone. I see you.

You also are seated on a pillar looking through a Rorschach Print. Sometimes, people can trap others in their Rorschach Prints. This is where trauma breeds.

The thing is… In the end, How threatening really is a Rorschach Print? Not at all. It’s just Perspective and Abstract Thought.

There is only ever my Rorschach Print, Your Rorschach Print, and Reality. The trick is learning how to look past the Rorschach Print and just see the untainted, unaltered Reality. Truth.

My biggest flaw is not being patient with people who are ADAMANT that their Rorschach Print is real.

I sigh and pull out Don Quixote’s Mirror Of Reality.

Side note, religion is just someone else’s Rorschach print that they have forced you to look through.

Additional Note from 11 December 2021 … The Rorschach Print IS Cognitive Distortion

19 November 2023

I conceived these words 2 January 2002, three months after my rape on 9/11. I credit this perspective to the 9/11 terrorist attacks without, I never would have reached this precise perspective when I did. This argument was the argument I made on my behalf that instantly broke my abuser’s hold on me through Stockholm Syndrome, immediately severing all logical enslavement to him.

A note on “Logical Enslavement.” I have spent too much time in my life imprisoned by Psychological Entrapment and Stockholm Syndrome to ever think that that prison is an emotional one. This is where the thinking really must change. Stockholm Syndrome and Psychological Entrapment was a Logical Enslavement. Not an emotional one. The “love” emotions were gone years before my escape, replaced with pure determination to find a way out. It was his logical argument that I “needed” him to survive, that “it was not logical for me to leave him” that kept me in place. Until I finally could use this argument to devalue his Perspective to equal to and/or less than mine.

I cannot impart this knowledge onto you more adamantly. That it was the un-deitizing of his perspective and his opinion, from “God-Like Authority” to equal to and/or less than my Perspective that finally allowed me the Authority to override his logic and sever all ties immediately.

I was 20 years old at this time. He was 50 and a New York City Attorney. I valued his logic and Perspective more than my own until The Rorschach Print Perspective™. Never prioritize any perspective higher than your own.

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