The Truth Formula™

Logic in this case, and, in my opinion, in all cases, is Personal Logic and can only be defined by the Self either Subconsciously or Consciously. It is the wisest of Human Persons who are Conscious of their Personal Logic. But do not think that a lack of awareness of one’s own Personal Logic is any less logical than the Wise Person who knows. For Logical Knowing, whether Consciously or Subconsciously is still Knowing and leads to a life of Mental Illness in the Subconscious Mind’s attempt to correct the Logical Fallacies embedded within one’s own Personal Logic by abuse.

What you Love + What you Value = What you Believe

Love + Ethics + Beliefs = Logic

Logic + Emotions + Behavior = Integrity

Here, ask the questions, “How does this person make me feel?”

“How does this person make me behave?”

“How does this person behave?”

Does it Feel Right?

Does it feel Good?

Does it give you joy?

Integrity compared to Words Spoken = Name Earned/Given

Trust No One who gives their Name before Integrity.

Never Prioritize the Words or Names of others over their Proven Integrity for people lie often.

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