The Evolution Of Knowledge Over Epochs

This is a Graph I built a few months ago when I noticed the Pattern of Learning, Discovery, and Education over Time according to the 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth.

Please Note the “Descent” over time with the “Time Line” and you can see how we came to Evolve with our Knowledge.

Chemistry is what we call “An Anomaly.” I hypothesize that the date is wrong (it is what I could find and am eager to hear the thoughts of others). However, please note the abrupt “Stop” of Academic Discipline Evolution from the 4th Century (The Dark Ages) to the Present Day. The Dark Ages, with the Destruction of the Ancient Greek Educational Systems disrupted the Evolution in our Learning and Evolution. The Academic Disciplines are in order of their Development in both The 12 Ethics as well as the the Biological Development of Child hood.

Fascinating how Teaching, Parenting, and Business were all three the missing Academic Disciplines in our Society that is causing the collapse.

Astronomy, Geography, and Ecology never came to me. They were not in my “Learning Tree.” Medical would be Biology. What I had was Dimension Theory and Time which came to me at Ontology. I will require three additional Students in order to compare data.

I hypothesize that after Physics, the Learning Tree completes the “Trunk” and then branches off per the Desires and Dreams of the Student, which then become Unique to them, but this has yet to be seen. I strongly recommend leaving Children alone to Learn per Mother Nature’s Criteria.

Furthermore, I would take great care to Nurture the Love of Learning (A Natural Instinct that begins with Curiosity) into the Child with The Arts and Reading.

  • Aesop’s Fables
  • The Great Books

Did you notice, by the way, the Grid is “History,” which is why it does not at all appear as any of the Academic Disciplines. History’s Place is precisely where Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, and Ayn Rand, Machiavelli, Dante, Tolstoy, and Voltaire all put it. Smack dab in the middle of The Great Books. Right where it belongs.

It does not deserve a Subject of its own. Story addresses that.

History class is for the Ego of The Victor and not for the Education or Nourishment of Minds or the Self.

The only History worth teaching are “The Story of The 12 Ethics and How The Naked Emperor Took Them From Us… And How All the War and the Genocide Proceeded Thereafter Without Them.” And “The Dichotomy of Good and Evil.”

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