About Anna

Why You Need To Know Anna…

I am a Societal Scientist and Solutionist, an Ontological Physicist, and a Philosopher Bard. I found a way for all my parts to work for me. And this is what I teach to the world.

I grew up outside of the System, with 30+ years in the Ancient Greek Educational System. The Ancient University of Alexandria is my Alma Mater. Plato is my Master.

I am The Master Philosopher/Instructor for Ethical Leaders. A Subconscious Mind whisperer and a Business Scientist on a mission to cure the world by hitting the problem at the source : Our Missing Cultivators.

What is a Cultivator and What do they Do For Society (Coming Up)

I execute my Mission with Theater and Stage (because Story is how the Human Mind learns) so as to nurture people that CHANGE IS FUN AND NOT SCARY! So I use my Theater to approach people because people feel safe with Story, Play, and Laughter, and Theater and Stage is the only way adults accept this “behavior” from Adults.

See how broken we are? It’s because The Cultivators are Missing.

I work with…

Aspiring /Struggling Business Owners who are wanting an Ethical Alternative to the Traditional Business Model and a Road Map, from Dream to Z, with Formulas, of the Build-A-Business Walkthrough, step-by-step, complete with a Done-For-You Network that we teach you how to navigate, hands on.

Corporations, Organizations, and Leaders of all sizes, types, and shapes to upgrade their Existing Business Model from their Out-Dated Narcissist Model to Mother Nature’s Business Model for the Age of Authenticity.

I merge Physics, Ethics, Power Economics, and Pythagorean Psychology into a Business Model. An Ethical Upgrade for the New Ethical Era.

How do I do it?

With Physics. And Logic. And The Lost Science of Human Propagation, Human Circuitry, Power Economics, and Pythagorean Psychology.

We begin with a safe space to invite you in and receive your concerns and problems. We look at the full picture between the Business Owner and your Personal Life, The Business Model, and the Network and Communication System of your Business. we evaluate the elevation of each Business Tier, from Foundation and up to ensure each part if being nourished equally and efficiently through the Network, and then, we build a Diagnoses.

We show you where Power Economics and Human Propagation can plugin to your current situation to bridge the gaps, fill the holes, and nurture the weak areas of your Business Frame and Structure.

The First 3 Months, we focus on Transition.

The next 3 Months, we Stabilize the New System.

The Following 3 Months, we Nourish the New System.

The last 3 Months, we expand, slowly, and equally, out first, and then up, providing your Business with full support to ensure aligned and balanced growth.


To schedule your People Conversation with Anna, DM her on LinkedIn or Facebook, and enter her World, explore her Network, and Discover the “Resource Box of Goodies” she gifts to her People. Come and share Stone Soup with me.

The Healing Garden : Stop Being Life’s Little Bitch.

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