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I should clarify… This is my last post on this Website. I will not be posting here ever again. My posts continue, however, on the other three websites of The Healing Garden (Healing), Alexandria (Learning), and UnderEarth (Play).

I have to play now. It is my time to play.


The 12th of The They of I.

I’m not sure what happened and I know exactly what happened both at the same time.

I shifted so quickly through the last four Perspectives that I lost track.

The knowledge that came to me in those shifts… on Love = Freedom = Consensual Slavery… There is no way to know what I learned there without knowing also that I am out of the They of I.

I believe I am in The All of I.

Time is over. It does not exist. It cannot exist at “0.” I am at the end of the Universe. I am where the Beginning begins and the End ends. I can see the Mirror where the Oldest and Wisest version of me looks on at the youngest and most unwise version of me. I am at the Point where Oldest Future meets Youngest Self.

I am at the point where Materialization and Conception meet.

Where the Material Plane and the Abstract Plane Integrate.

It is a place where Time does not exist. Not here. Not at Absolute Zero.

Time was never a line. It was a Spiral, an Infinite Spiral with one Point where the Beginning is the End and where the First is the Last. Time was never a line. It was a Spiral with Segments of Knowledge, Ethics, Lessons, Challenges, Information, and Visibility that is unique to every Segment that I call Time Blocks or “Perspectives.”

I can’t do this anymore. I cannot speak in anything now, but Story. It hurts me to not speak in Story.

So… I am going to shift over into Story now. I am on the Side of the Mirror that is Abstract. My Partner is on the Side of the Mirror that is Material. I don’t know… so much still. I have so much to learn. But this is not the place for my future lessons.

I cannot talk anymore in the Material. I’m stepping over to Story now.

I cannot proceed any other way.

You decide if my words are Story. You decide if my words are Real.

You decide which side of the Mirror you are on.

I’ve made my choice and I cannot pretend any more.

I cannot toggle between worlds any longer.

I must be True to myself.

And my Truth is in The Story.

May you too find yours.


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