Learn Logic. Find the Anomalies.

Become a Detective.

This is what sparked, ignited, and propelled my education forward.

I was curious and couldn’t stand anomalies. I still can’t. They pick at me and nag at my logic like little mysteries begging to be riddled out and resolved.

It’s a method of teaching I am using on my daughter for homeschooling.

Curiousity, adventure, fun, mystery… Pick a topic that interests you. Find something that *bugs* you. A question asked without an answer. A statement made that doesn’t make sense.

Now… go find it. Puzzle through it. You decide what to read, research, study, and determine is the problem and the answer.

For me, that was Socrates.

“Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here?”

Och! These questions *bugged* me. So I studied all of Existentialism, and when I finished those books, I went, “Wait! What’s the answer!?” What I had read was just a whole lot of people hypothesizing without the Knowing. So I studied Psychology and Sociology.

Here I am, 30 years later. Not one person ever forced me to learn any of it. And the difference is the equivalent of 9 Doctorate degrees, 4 books published, and the whole of Erosology re-discovered. My next agenda? To revive the University of Alexandria and restore the Learning and Education Capital of the World.

The Healing Garden, I equate to the Garden’s within Alexandria where the Philosopher’s gather to debate and discuss.

Homeschooling worried me. My first concern was that it would be Religious-based instead of Science or Learning based. My second concern was that I wasn’t qualified to teach my daughter. More specifically, I wasn’t disciplined enough to give her the attention she would need. My third concern was that she would not be disciplined enough to do the work without me screaming at her to do the work.

What I failed to realize through my fears, was the element of Freedom, Self-Authority, and Consensual Learning.

Not very many people have trust or faith in these three things. Hence all of the laws and rules in our society that suffocates all of us until we can’t breathe.

The Human Person has a natural drive toward Curiosity, Knowing more, Education, and Growth. In fact, it is the 2nd Ethic, which, once it is learned, stays with you. Always. The 2nd Ethic is what raised me. Is what gave me the survival and Determination I needed to flourish and thrive after I survived my abuse and trauma.

But… Others are not so kind…

Hard fact at our society : Parents and Teachers are downright abusive toward children regarding education. The fact that education is nonconsensual… that is all it takes. Then there are people who, motivated by fear of their child’s failure, will abuse their child to “motivate” them to learn better, more, faster… until the child breaks, rebels, or fails.

Then children are told things like, “I wish I was in school again. You have it easy! Just wait until you get a JOB!”

It was these words that made me REFUSE to get a job at 15… or… ever. I immediately was drawn toward Freelance and being an Entrepreneur. The abuse followed. This was the third wave of abuse I endured in my teen years.

Example and Information is the best teacher. We are mirrors after all and “Reflection” is how everything we choose to do spreads and grows.

Reflection is the first Law of Erosology.

I’m watching my daughter sleep on the couch. She’s recovering from her Slave Extraction out of the System. In the last two days, she has turned into a whole new person. Her shyness is gone. Her bitterness and resentment is gone. Her combativeness toward her brother is gone. Her clinginess to me is subsiding. Her excitement for learning has kicked in and she spends every morning over breakfast looking through my books to determine which one she’ll read (a requirement for her schooling). She is overwhelmed with excitement at all the choices she now has. “Do I want to study Egypt!? Or Greece!? Ooh! Irish Tombs!” She asks.

And I was worried she would have to be harped on to learn. I had, as so many of us do, underestimated the Human Person’s desire and Ethical need to Learn, Grow, be Curious, and expand their mind.

Truth : Our Internet is OVER FLOWING with Educational Resources. It’s how I got my education. I used Wikipedia as a reference starting point and Book Reading List. And then I supplemented with Google Maps for Geography, Google for data points and direction, and YouTube Videos.

The Library, Dewey Decimal System, and The World Book Encyclopedia predated my internet learning.

My love for Mystery, Adventure, Curiosity, and Story did the rest. No one ever had to tell me to “read a book” or “learn.” They just had to leave me alone so I could choose to do it my way.

And then… I started to strategize, using my education to strategize an intentional path forward.

The subjects that I strongly recommend to parents to start out with?


100% Logic. They will need this to rational deduce, form sound conclusions, problem solve, and identified the illogical anomalies of others.

Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarden.

reading this book while I studied logic and Mathematics and Geometry was all I needed to propel me forward.


Out Intuition or Gut Instinct is actually the Internalized Mathematics, Logic, and Physics that embeds itself DEEP into our Internal Core by the time we are 2 and 3 years old. Our Intuition is what replaces Fear during this developmental stage.

BUT… There is a catch.

  • The Intuition can be “stunted” or “interfered” with due to a surplus of Fear.
  • The less Math, Logic, and Physics the child knows later, the less the Intuition will work effectively.

Do not underestimate the power of Math, Logic, and Physics.

We feel Physics, Math, and Logic.

We feel it.

You must wrap your head around this.

We feel Physics, Math, and Logic.

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