Love + Logic + Freedom <+ The 12 Ethics (Montoya Point)

Where All of Mental Health begins.

Love + Logic + Freedom <+ The 12 Ethics

While reviewing this post, I saw this one from my “recommended” posts:

The Rorschach Print Perspective™

In January 2002, after 9/11, because of 9/11, I invented The Rorschach Print Perspective, which was the First Domino in my Research. Ending with Montoya Point on 17 June 2024, concluding 22 years of Research.

This is the Beginning and the End. To have this moment now at The Point of Comprehension, The 4th Perspective Expansion…

“That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.”

I remember… YES, THIS IS MY SPEECH! …

I remember… I was in Virginia in 1998. I was not going to my Prom that year. My Owner claimed that weekend for himself instead. I spent that weekend studying.

I watched Apocalypse Now, and I noticed something. I bought Lord of The Flies. And then I watched the Movie, Instinct. I thought, “What is going on?”

I was onto something.

I wanted to know about Humanity. This was the first Mathematical Pattern I spotted among Crossed-Media. From that point on, I dedicated my life to Humanity vs. Consumption, which I would come to call Unethical.

“Which was right?” I remember asking. “What is at the True Core of Homo Sapiens Sapiens?”

Was Brando’s Character in Apocalypse Now right?

Was Hopkin’s Character in Instinct right?

I looked at The Lord of The Flies.

Simon? Piggy? Ralph?

Who was right?

It has been 26 years since I asked that question. And today. Now. Finally. I have my answer.


Hopkins. Hopkins was Right.

It is in our Human Nature to be good.

We are good.


And I can prove it.


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