The 12 Ethical Laws of Natural Evolution

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Which is why so many people lack self-Authority. Authority must be learned. And the moment we stray from these Ethics, it is denied us by Mother Nature herself. 

  1. To Soothe the Self and Nurture Safety and Calm with which to House Energy and Self Love. Self-Preservation.
  2. To be Open to Receive only through Learning, Vulnerability, Submission, and a Surrendering of One’s Own Power
  3. To Value the Integration of Both Comfort, Energy, Self-Love and Preservation, in balance with the Surrendering of one’s power so that the Ethical Individual can Self-Regulate and Manage their Own Natural Health

Though the Integration of the First Three Ethics, Only then can the Individual know and Receive TRUST

  1. To Adhere to the Combined Ethical Laws of the Circuit
  2. To hold one’s Self accountable for their Own actions without the external enforcement of others.
  3. To Value and accept the Equality of All including the Value of The Self

Through the Integration of these Second Ethics, Only then can the Individual know and Receive NATURAL JUSTICE

  1. To submit to the Instruction and Allowance of Silence, Listening, and Processing of Information.
  2. To Value the Delicate Handling of Precise, Effective Communication and Language with which to transfer idea and knowledge unto another.
  3. To Value the Balance and the Integration of both Listening, and Providing, Gifting, and Receiving to Value with great Love the Ethic of Shared Exchange.

Through the Integration of the Third Three Ethics, Only then can the Individual know and Give EMPATHY.

  1. To Value the Freedom and Worth of Emotional Allowance, that All Emotions are Products that are birthed from the Equal and Opposite Reaction of any given Catalyst. That the Suppression or Denial of Emotional Energy will result in Destruction or Creation equal to the Catalyst. 
  2. To Value the Self-Government and Navigation of the Emotional Energy through Logical Law and Deductive Reasoning. For the sake, love, and preservation of all previous Ethics as stated above. This is Forgiveness: The Ethical and Logical Comprehension that, to transfer Stored, Negative Potential Energy into Creation and Positive Energy, one must use the 2nd Perspective in integration with all the Ethics as a Gift to receive the Negative Energy as a Positive, and thus, turn Destruction into Creation by consenting to become the Student of the Abuser. 
  3. To Value the Integration of Emotional Allowance and Logical Navigation, with which to use Conscious Ethical Awareness to Create instead of Destroy so that we may continue the preservation of all of Humanity and ensure our continued, privileged existence here on the Natural Mother’s Earth.

This is Love.

These 12 Ethics are the Ethical Natural Laws of Love.

Through the Integration of these fourth Three Ethics, only then can the Individual know and receive FORGIVENESS. And Through the Integration of these Twelve Ethics, Only then can we know Love, but also, Primarily Self-Love and Love for All in the Name of Self-Preservation and out Continued Privileged Existence.

These are the Laws of the Philosopher that were lost unto us in the 4th Century of which here they are restored unto us.

In conclusion, it is my firm, educated belief that Love conquers not through violence, but through submission, forgiveness, and a surrendering of one’s own Power through the act of Giving.

This is Forgiveness.

Furthermore, let it be known that these Ethics are to incorporated with Newton’s Laws of Physics, the Logical Laws of Formal Argument and Debate, and Geometry.

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