The Geometry and Physics of Sustained Human Relationships

New data regarding Emotional Transactions of Human Connections and The You of I :

Since September 2022, I felt like I was having to work to stay connected to my partner. At the risk of sounding “corny,” we depended much on our love to keep the relationship going. Through the hardest parts of enduring the Trauma Cleanse, we took turns carrying the relationship. First him while I unbroke myself, then me while he withdrew after the exhaustion and trauma of enduring close exposure to my trauma took a mental toll on him. Every time one of us grew too tired to carry on, we would put the relationship down, and the other would be there to pick it up.

Loving him is easy. Too easy. It’s the Trauma that is hard.

It’s the trauma that gets in the way.

As I built the AIDNS and integrated it into my Subconscious Mind, the relationship got easier and easier. As complications surfaced, I applied adjustments to the AIDNS, and the results were immediate. Every time. I identified the formulas to solidify the AIDNS and reinforced the AIDNS. Last night, 20 January 2024, I located the final formula:

Point of Origin (Self) + X-Axis (You of I) = Y-Axis (Destination)

My X-Axis was Undefined.

I wrote to him for Definition and he provided.

The moment I had the Undefined Variable X Defined, it felt like the Defined X (the now Defined and Complete AIDNS) was a suspension rope that absorbed all the weight of the relationship and, for the first time in 2 years, I could relax, put the relationship down, and it sustained itself. This is the first time since our “honeymoon” phase, that the relationship has sustained itself and is self-propelling. Self-Propelling. Exactly like in Physics.

Potential Energy > Kinetic Energy > propulsion (but it loops as in the Emotional Transaction Human Connection Model) > Compression > The AIDNS are the “Towers” to Absorb the “Kinetic Energy.”

People. Stress is the Same “Tension” we talk about in Physics.

“Stress” is Tension. Stress is ill-displaced Energy from an unstable AIDNS. The more stressed you are is an indicator as to how unstable your AIDNS is.

“Stress” is acting upon the Connection and the forces pulling it apart (see the formulas below) and the AIDNS takes on the compression and can sustain the stress.

(This is where my studies in Architecture and is where I recall the Flying Buttresses in Cathedrals like the Notre Dame. The Geometry and Physics in that example work together to support the building, exactly like in a relationship).

I spent 21 January 2024 relaxing, resting, sleeping, waiting for the traditional, mental “back-lash” that never came.

The weight of that burden being supported on the suspension rope… Back to Physics.


Kinematics is 1 Dimensional Physics

Mechanics is 2 Dimensional Physics (The Physical)

Psychology is 3 Dimensional Physics (The Abstract)


Emotions, Relationships, People create Energy, Momentum, Potential, Force, and Inertia.


And Logical Comprehension and the AIDNS, when functioning properly, supports and regulates the Psychological Physics. And my Logical Intuition is screaming at me every day, saying, “Yes. Anna. Follow your gut on this one.” Always follow the gut. And the Logic aligns. It’s there. It’s checking out. I can already see how the Suspension Rope is supported by the Formulas within the AIDNS, the Logical Line of the X-Axis and the Point of Origin that shares, divides, and suspends the weight.

Here, the Point of Origin is defined as the AIDNS of the I of I and the X-Axis is defined as the AIDNS of the You of I. With faulty logic or an unstable AIDNS from either the Point of Origin or the X-Axis, then the weight of the “Connection” cannot support itself, and the efforts and Desires/Wants of either / or must carry the weight.

Resulting in an unequal distribution of Weight. The Connection is not self-sustaining.

Therefore, when a relationship has to be carried or feels heavy, it is because of one or more unstable (poorly defined) AIDNS.

The AIDNS of any two points act as anchors in a suspension bridge to support the 3rd, shared Perspective: The Y-Axis (Human Connection). This allows for the equal distribution of weight and the Connection then becomes self-sustaining.

Formulas cited above

Love + Desire = Attracted Force / Pulled Force Drawn toward the Point of Origin

Neutral = Cancels out Force and ends the Connection

Hate + Repulsion = Repelled Force away from the Point of Origin

Fear + Pains = Disruption of Force where Love + Desire = Attraction Force is present.

Fear + Pains is a Disrupter

Hypothesis on a Tangent : When the Point of Origin is not Defined, and the Self is lost to wander the Abstract depths without grounding, relativity, point of origin, or coordinates, the Imagination takes the Self into the Abstract where it wanders, drifting, lost. Hence Delusions, a loss of reality, confusion, disorientation, and hallucinations. Hence “Paranoid Schizophrenia.”

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