The Power of Community

I woke this morning to a list my daughter wrote.

She’s been trying to find ways to help with The Garden. I have a “thing” I say to people. “The Healing Garden is yours. She belongs to everyone. Do whatever you want for her. Come up with whatever idea you want. My answer will always be “Yes! But… YOU are the one who has to LEAD it. We will provide you with resources and direction, but if you birth the idea, you LEAD the idea.”

I saw her list and nearly cried. She was talking about leading groups to pick up garbage in New York City.

“Why aren’t we cleaning up the garbage?” I thought. “This is our HOME. Why aren’t we taking care of up OUR HOME?”

I thought about all the people who do pick up garbage.

“They’re part of a group that I’m not part of.”

“Oh. They’re doing a Community Project.”

“Oh, that garbage isn’t *my* garbage.”

But you’re part of this world! Aren’t you? (Thanks, Merry). And this is your HOME.

The Healing Garden is not a “Community” for select people. It’s US. It’s YOU. It’s ALL of us. Its Earth’s Community and we all belong to Mother Nature.

But more than that… I saw something else in her list.

I saw the magic and beauty of Mimicry. Law of Reflection.

I saw my daughter watching me work hard, day after day to help others, and thus she wanted to help too.

Mimic/Role Model Parenting is the Second Stage of Learning.

Observer / Mimic is the First Stage.

Role Model / Observer is the Last Stage of Learning and the Master.

And then I saw all of us, around the world, cleaning up the earth. All of us, suddenly realizing, “This is our HOME. Why aren’t WE doing it?” Why are we all waiting for “someone else” to do it? When this is OUR Home. And we haven’t claimed her.

If we all work together…

I remember the singing in Italy… during Covid. I remember 9/11. I remember all the times we worked together as a Community. We don’t need Motivation.

What we need is a Role Model to Mimic.

And that is going to be me and (apparently) my Daughter.


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