The Stages of Knowing (The Stages of Internalizing)

This is something I’ve noticed and when I see a pattern, I like to record it.

In truth, there is consistency. It is in the consistencies that we will find answers. Triadic Healing identifies, records, and tracks all of these consistencies in Psychology.

The Knowing is the Stage of Healing we experience when we come to realize and accept our own Truth and Who we are. But there is an Emotional Path it follows.

1 – Oblivious – The Individual has no idea of their Quality or Trait. They don’t think about it. They don’t prioritize it.

2 – Discovery or Curious – “Am I? Do I?” This is the moment a person realizes they desire a trait or someone else suggests that they do or don’t have a trait. Prior to this,

3 – Projection – If an individual desires a trait, but doubts their skills or security in that trait, they boast it, put it on display, or flaunt it more as a method to convince themselves that they have this trait than others. If you know a person like this, understand that they are “stuck” in accepting something they want, but don’t think they have. If you feel like they are boasting, that is actually you over-internalizing their insecurity. 😉

4 – Realization – This is the “Epiphany” or the “Light Bulb” moment when they realize they do have the trait, they are and, in most cases, they are in shock or disbelief. The projection continues, but it begins to taper down. “Oh! I am!”

5 – Self-Reassurance – Arrogance, Pompous, Conceit… These are the words our Society uses to punish us so that we will avoid reaching this stage. I call these words “Banned “God” and Grow Words.” Because the words we ban from use, or shame from achieving are the grow words that occur at this stage of Internalization.

6 – Internalized – This is when the quality or trait they have is finally internalized into The Knowing. The projection stops and there is a deep sense of Calm about this trait. This is when Confidence is birthed and relaxes the Individual into the Mastery of their trait.

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