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My first thought was to delete it as I always have done in the past. But this time I stopped and I pondered. What if I didn’t delete it this time. Technically, this is the beginning. Where would we be without a beginning? If we did, in fact delete the beginning, would we cease to exist? Or would we only forget who we are as is the case in The Philosopher’s Compass when we delete our beginning and therefore, we are left undefined, a mystery to the Self.

How strange it is that our fear of the Unknown becomes us when, in fact, we forget the Self and our beginning. Is this perhaps why we have a fear of the Unknown? For only when we remember our own Beginning do we lose a Fear of the Unknown.

Perhaps to Fear the Unknown is simply a Fear of not knowing The Self.

How glad I am that I did not delete this post, but instead I paused and pondered.

This truly is the advantage of pausing and thinking.

May you too also master the art of pausing and thinking instead of obeying.

Maybe this is Patience.

I have always believed that when the Universe says, “Wait,” she is in fact saying, “It is time to Learn.”

And this time, the lesson is Patience.

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