The Illuminated Texts.


There is so much about Ireland that people today do not know about. She is an anomaly that blasted from the pages and the books I read. Today, she turns my attention. I’m seated at my desk. Thinking. She’s part of this. She is linked to my Alexandria.

Three things about Ireland stand out:

  1. Irish Mythology is the *only* religion/mythology that survived Christian Imperialization. As a result, the religion merged and integrated with their mythology, which still very much survives today.
  2. Ireland is the *only* country that remained unaffected by Christian Imperialization, leaving their books, sciences, and records to flourish while everyone else’s burned.
  3. Danu. The Mother Goddess. A single Matriarch as head of the whole of a Religion. And she survived. I have no value for the “Matriarch” vs. the “Patriarch,” but this is an anomaly, none the less.

The Children of Danu are often likened to “aliens” that came down and invaded Ireland. In much of the readings… Vastly intelligent, highly advanced, people.

And old. So very old… One of the oldest cultures in the world. And untouched for the most part. Left alone to Mother Nature to evolve without interruption. Disruption did finally come, of course, and when it did, it was devastating. But Ireland did something that no other culture had accomplished: It held out for much longer than all the others. The Irish do not go down without a fight. That is why they have survived for as long as they did, and for so long.

Bards. The Filí. So much about the Bards that no one today knows about.

I’m counting components. I’m naming all the variables for my equation. I’m calculating.

Something is there, but it is not yet time… But I can “feel” it. Dropping money into the economy…

I came here to reflect on her history. Instead, I’m counting variables and am thinking. Ireland and Alexandria.

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