Managing Guilt

Classical Conditioning Reversed :

When you do feel the emotion it is telling yourself that it is not “Guilt.”

What you are feeling is “Disobedience.”

Is Disobedience Good or Bad?

What is Disobedience?

Do you know what Freedom and Slavery are?

Freedom. : Doing an Action without Force or Fear of Reprocussion.

Slavery : Conditioned Obedience through Fear of Abuse or Consequence.

Is Slavery good?

Is Freedom good?

Slavery is Obedience.

Guilt is Slavery Emotion.

Hate the Emotion.

Relabel it. stop calling it Guilt. Call it by NAME. And it’s name is Slavery.

When you do feel the emotion “Slavery,” you need a plan.

You need to comfort yourself with words like, “It’s okay. You are free now. You don’t *have* to do X.”


I shifted Perspectives, putting myself outside of the Emotion “Guilt” and then HATED it. I Identified it as a “Foreign Object” and a Virus that was not me and I declared war on it. I sent it home. Every time. I said, “No! You don’t belong here! LEAVE!”

Every time I felt the emotion “guilt,” I saw it as my hateful abusers present inside of me and I “kicked them out” of me.

(More on this later…)

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