The Defined Self

I just finished up my morning show, and I’m about to dive into my book, “The Theory of Love.” But the urge to write took me today as I reflected on today’s topics.

Yesterday, I was bombarded with epiphanies, insights, and new perspectival depths that enhanced… nourished… embellished my views. Enriched. That is the word. Enriched Perspectives.

This is something I noticed a lot of recently. That my perspectives and thoughts become enriched. I would almost say that “Enrichment” is our evolution through life. It isn’t growth or healing or change… It is ladder learning. Enrichment. We don’t “abandon” previous knowledge upon learning new.

We enrich the foundation. Adding ornamentation and depth to it. And this finished project, this work in progress is our story… and our story is only a fraction of a larger story. Our lives are pieces of story, strung together into one vast book.

And I am a character in this story with my own perspective. And you also are a character in your story. And our stories combine into one great Epic, and our stories are spin offs and “stand-alones.”

We are not at all the shedding of old into new, but the integration of old into new to meld into another stage of “new.”

And some of us know our story. Some of us know who we are. Some of us have lost our pages. Chapters. Titles even. I call this “Story Health.”

And it is vital to our Logic and Comprehension of the Self.

How is your Story Health?

How is your Logical Health?

For these two elements : Story Health and Logical Health are what define The Self.

Only then do we know who we are.

So… who are you? Do you even know?

So many people do not.

Education is the primary, sole, and only tool available to resolve this conundrum. So many people try to solve this riddle without doing the work of learning and information. They consult with therapists as if seeking a “cheat code” with which to “bypass” the work.

They seek out Psychological Fruit without the Labor.

But Mother Nature says, “No.”

And so they stay trapped in their Darkness, Ignorance, Fear, the Undefined Self, lost to the Confusion and the Trauma.

Mother Nature has a way of of denying us the reward of Psychological Fruit. It forces us to ask the question. “How bad do you want this? What are you willing to do for it? What are you willing to endure, give up, push through to get it? What reward do you value so much that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it?”

Mother Nature often asks.

Most people don’t know how to listen.

It’s like a giant escape room that they wander about blindly until they stop and make a choice:

  • What do I Value?
  • How much do I Value this?
  • Will I pay the Price?

So then… Who are you and how badly do you want to know?

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