Empathy and Compassionate Foresight vs. Emotional Triggers

Compassionate Foresight (Empathy) vs. Internalization of Emotional Suffering (PTSD)

PTSD = Catalyst for the Emotional Internalization is what defined PTSD.

Empathy is the Compassionate Foresight

Example #1 : PTSD (False Empathy) Internalizing the Suffering of others.

Spiritual glorification of PTSD.


A = Emotional Catalyst

B = Trigger B Response

C = “Nurture Urge” to Resolve their pain (Emotional Prosthetic) PROJECTING your own Suffering onto them.


Example #2: True Empathy It is the Prevention of (Causing Harm to Another)

You need to think about how your words affect others. Think before you speak.


  • A = Pausing to Reflect on How your Words will affect others
  • B = Compassionate Foresight with Strategy to determine HOW your words will affect others
  • C = Without an Emotional Catalyst, Priority of Protecting the feelings of the other individual

Empathy : Taking accountability for how your words and actions affect others. Compassionate Foresight BEFORE you cause Emotional Harm to others.

Example #3: Anna’s Philosophy (The Psychological long-term harm) that an individual suffers due to self-delusion.


A = Truth provides long-term mental health

A= Delusion and Self-Lies provides long-term damage to mental health

A = Anna is incompatible with Delusion

B = I don’t help people lie to themselves. I will not play the “delusion” game.  I am incompatible with the “Delusion” Game.

B = I know that some people are symbiotic to their lies.





A = the Catalyst

Superficial = “Common” Object Trigger

Trauma by Association = The Subconscious Mind creates a “Danger / Fear” Link to a VISUAL ORDINARY OBJECT

Fear Condition


  • “Checker Board”
  • Dead Frogs
  • Animal Abuse

Inhibits your daily life.

Trauma by Association = The Subconscious Mind creates a “Danger / Fear” Link to a CIRCUMSTANTIAL

  • Animal Abuse
  • Neglected Children
  • Nonconsensual Situations

Trauma by Association = The Subconscious Mind creates a “Danger / Fear” Link to a SOUND

  • “Fireworks”
  • “A Dog Barking”
  • “A car back-firing”

Trauma by Association = The Subconscious Mind creates a “Danger / Fear” Link to an EMOTIONAL Trigger

  • “Crying”
  • “Children Crying”
  • “Babies Crying”
  • “Sadness”
  • “Fear”
  • “Emotional Suffering”
  • “Loneliness”
  • “Abandonment”
  • “Rejection”


  • A = Emotional Suffering of others
  • B = “Feel” or “Sense” the Emotional Suffering of others
  • C = “Impulse/Urge” to save or stop the Suffering

Spiritual glorification of PTSD.

NOT PTSD = Abusive Object

B = Response

C = SHORT Reaction Time


Trigger “Flashbacks”




Empathetic PTSD

Being Objective =

Identity Displacement =

Internalization is the Incorrect Placement of the Self

Projection = Lashing Out / Law of Reflection has been compromised Trauma / Aggressive Defense in an attempt to protect the Self, but is doing so… Protecting the Self from the Internalized Displaced Pain within the Self.

Emotional PTSD = See someone’s story or Emotions and the Emotional Memory is relived.

Internalization :

Boundaries replace the need for Projection –

Self or Identity Displacement

How do you become Objective… 1st Person Point of View…

Unchecked Compassion… Over-relating to someone…

Empathy is the door to putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

It was no longer my story

I changed my story

defined Knowledge that allowed me to stay objective

Grounding… Defined Self…

A) Internalize and B) Self-Attack (Implode) “Oh my god… what have I done!?”

A) Internalize and C) Attack (Explode) Projection “Oh my god… how could you make me do that?”


Self- Check that is not happening…

Imbalance of… Comfort and Boundaries… Taking responsibility of your own Health and Mental Needs.

Internalization occurs when you neglect your balance for Comfort and Boundaries to re-solidify the Defined Self and preserve your Internal Logic.

Projection happens when the failure to preserve your Internal Logic results in an Internal Attack, not TO you or ONTO you, but BECAUSE of you. And you fail to take AUTHORITY of the preservation of your Internal Logic, so instead you attack others who you should be Denying Access to and/or when you should be isolating yourself to restore the Defined Logical Line of the Self.

Your Cognitive Core is under attack.

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