Surrendering To The Voyage And Release Control

The surrendering of all control. The release of all control. Trust is this opposite. To give in and fall back blindly to the Great Unknown and to accept all of the Unknown with open arms. Knowing that whatever lies ahead is the best for us. Trusting in the Intuition, the Desire of what we want, and the circumstantial Evidence and prioritizing all of this above the Translations.

This is Trust.

This is Faith.

This is Security.

The full and complete reliance on what we want and the machinations of the universe that we will be valued in our desires to get what we want without our need to steer the ship. Accepting that we are passengers on this ship.

“Where do you want to go?” we are asked.

“To dream openly and freely for Desire and Want without considering at all the Journey or the Destination.

Is it the Experience we actually want? To separate Experience and Desire completely from the How and the When. To abandon all Fear and Worry and let the Universe just be however it is.

The Universe is not ours to control.

This is the ultimate lesson we all must learn or else we suffer.

We seek to control others, the universe, fate, we seek to control our children and lives… But the one thing we should be controlling, the Self, is the one thing we fail to control.

How much harder it is to control all else instead of the Self.

Controlling the Self is truly the first and greatest Lesson.

To close out everything except the simple, basic truth of our Root Desire.

I want.

This is what “I Want” is. But so much in life conditions us that “want” is selfish, when, in fact, it is the first law. The final law. The only law that matters.

That Ethics of Natural Law keep our “Want” in check, if only we could learn to Trust, have Faith, relax, and Enjoy the Voyage. Life is a Cruise Ship. And many of us have mutinied. Many of us are fighting over who gets to sail the ocean liner. Others are orchestrating the marching of all the guests like Nazi Soldiers aligned for war.

Me? I’m lounging at the pool, enjoy the glass of wine in hand while I enjoy the view of the sun on the water. I trust that the Captain, the Universe, will sail us right. I don’t have to worry about time, money, life, or love. It all just is. How and When is not mine. Mine is What I want and where.

To abandon all control and surrender to fate is to live without Fear. To make choices without Fear. To sink yourself so willingly into Love, Faith, Hope, Trust, Logic, and the Defined Self so as to surrender to the Will of the Universe.

This is Freedom.

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