18 January 2024

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Exploratory Dialogue / Logical Comprehension

The Rules of the Subconscious

  • 1 – Don’t Fuck with the Subconscious Mind
  • 2 – You DO NOT bully the Subconscious Mind
  • 3 – You must use Logic, NOT FORCE, to (not coerce), “win” over the Subconscious Mind.
  • 4 – You must preserve the Union

The Ideal

The Self Union > Logical Comprehension > Emotional Calm

The Common Mental Situation

The Civil Divide of The Self > Logical Miscomprehension > Cognitive Dissonance > Emotional Duress > Invasive Perspective > Mental Illness

To Restore To The Ideal Self

The Defined Self (The Philosopher’s Compass) > Regain Logical Comprehension (The Theory of Love) > Restore Emotional Calm via Relief

The Comfort Zone + Cognitive Behavioral Therapy + Meditation + Triadic Healing + Adventure Zone

  • The Theory of Love (14 February 2024)
  • Journey Into The Self Workbook (90 Pages)
  • The Healer’s Guide For Triadic Healing

The Healer’s Guide For Triadic Healing :

Understanding Your Healing Journey (Outline)

Understanding the 7 Parts of your Mental Health

Comprehending the Union Within

Organizing That Union

Today’s Quotes

When you have a divided union you lose logical comprehension.

The condescending arrogance of the material plane has us saying things like “awakened” and “ascending,” which is so pretentious… when in fact, it is a DESCENT into the Abstract for you are walking into the Depths of the Unknown and Undefined world of the Mind. – Anna Imagination

Mental Illness is classified as “insane.” But if you reak down the actual meaning behind these words, what is deemded as “Insane” is actually translated via logic to mean : “You lack any logical Comprehension that I am aware of, therewfore in my callingn you INSANE, I am actually admitting my own lack of Logical Comprehension. Your insanity is an admission to my own ignorance.” That is what INSANE means.

Your perceived reality is at the mercy of your personal logic.

You must have logical comprehension.

You have an Intuitive Logic that tells you… on such a DEEP INTERNAL level that the world is X… And you know it. There is no Name for what you feel. There is no KNOWN logical Sense to what your Intuitional Logic KNOWS… but you know it.

And we have the rest of the world invalidating that LOGIC.

And so we doubt our INSTINCT.

We doubt our Intuitive Logic

We doubt thew VERY FIRST NATURAL “GUT” feeling that tells us what a situation is and what we are dealing with.

And our “loved ones” through their abusive, conditional training, contradict ours.

That is where this starts.

By them telling us what IS, what THEY were told IT IS… When we KNOW deep WHAT IT really is… Our own perception of reality and our own abilities to DEFINE that reality are compromised. And the Self turns on the Intuition.

There is a reason for everything. Nothing is without reason. Only our Ignorance of the Logical Reasoning.

We think pain comes from outside. So abusers and controllers try to control the catalysts on the outside. It is the Civil Divide within that causes our pain. Outsiders remind us of our Civil Divide within.

Knowing how the Civil Within is Divided is knowing what you want, feeling what is from your Intuitive Logic, and Knowing what is right from your Ethical Laws.

Known Defined Logic = Sanity is now on the line…

There is NO CONTROLLING the Abstract and the people who walk there.

Knowing HOW the Union is Divided :

  • What you WANT (Identity)
  • FEELING what IS from your Intuitive Logic (Intuition)
  • Knowing what is RIGHT (Ethics)
  • Does it FEEL RIGHT? (Ethics)
  • Does it FEEL GOOD? (Intuition)
  • Does it give you JOY? (Identity)
  • Observe and Inventory the CURRENT Situation (Beliefs)
  • Consider your Rate of Growth (Ethics and Beliefs)
  • Consider Who you are NOW in the Present (Ethical Identity and Beliefs)

Then, SUMMARIZE the situation based off of these Answers = That is your Current Perspective Reality.

Ethical Identity is your Current Ethical Perspective.


The 8 Categories of Potential Civil Divide

  • Love and Romance
  • Career & Your Skills (And Resources)
  • The Defined Self (Identity and What you Love and What you Want and What you BELIEVE you can have)
  • Politics, Ethics, and The Environment
  • Friendships, Community, and Family
  • Children and Parenting
  • Death, The Afterlife, and Religion
  • Our Known, Defined Reality and The Abstract World

How to Challenge your beliefs is from 16 January 2024. You can view the information here.

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