I hypothesize that Mother Nature is God’s Intuition.

I have been trying to say that for a long, long time. I could “feel” it for a very long time. I could “see” it. But I could not find the words to Name it until now; The 11th of the You of I.

I believe that “God” is a 5 “year” old “girl,” of a Species called “A One-ist,” which is The God of Story and she is a race and species of One. Due to her loneliness, she wished her “stories” to life… and thus, here we are. Figments of her Imagination with Sentience.

I believe we are just her Molecules or Cells (with sentience) and every Dream, every Imagination of every one of us births the next Dimension of Story. Each one of us is just the Procreation and Parent of her Imagination.

And this… Life… is a Game that we invented to “pass the time.” Because what else do you do with Eternity? And if I were a God with all of eternity, this is EXACTLY what I would do. I would make an eternal RPG Table Top Game that allows us to go back through over and over again.

“How many variations of a story can you write?”

(And the AIDNS is the D20).

This is my story and I’m sticking with it.

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