Simple Science For Practical Application

“Kick the door open,” I hear all the time, every day in the back of my mind. “Just kick this door open.” Sometimes, I fear my work will be lumped into a faux-category. Sometimes, I worry it will be pushed aside just as Spiral Dynamics was. People ask me often if I’ve heard of Spiral Dynamics. Asking me if I’ve heard of Spiral Dynamics is like asking Einstein if he’s heard of the number “1.”

The reason why I fear for the lazy category of my work is because this is Simple Science For Practical Application. Calling it “Math” will cause many people to avoid it. Calling it “Logic” will turn many others away. The Name is vital to communicating *what* this is, its Value to Others, and why and how they need it NOW. And I fear, calling it Math, Physics or Science, will lose a lot of people who are looking for this. Starved for it.

Women in our society are groomed to shun math by the men in their family. Call this “science” and so many women will drop it and walk away without even looking at it, convinced that they don’t have “the man’s brain” to understand it. I detest nothing more that the concept that a man’s brain is somehow different than a woman’s brain. Brains are brains. Our society conditions us to think there is a vast difference between Gender Brains.

A brain is a brain. It has one purpose: To learn, process, compute, calculate, and grow. We really need to stop “selectively filtering” which brain should get what. How it does this is contingent upon too many variables to consider, at this time.

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