Expanding Your Reality and “Time”

The Great Integration : At End of Prejudice…

Four Personality Types we will see:

  • Fighting to preserve the Delusion / Resistance (2nd and 3rd Perspectives)
  • Confused and Resistance the Obvious / In Denial (1st, 4th, and 5th Perspectives)
  • “Something is… off… Something is… going on…” / Curious Their Logic is going to override the “reality” (5th+ Perspectives)
  • Know “Crossed Over” (6th+ Perspectives)


Everyone of us has our own Logical Truth and Logical Comprehension. This is privileged information.


1:15:00 –

  • Grounding (Doing what you Love – Defines THE SELF – The Self is Defined by our HOBBIES) “Me” Fest
  • Energizing (Joy)

You need to use your boundaries and head back to your comfort when :

  • Exploration
  • Learning
  • Open to Receive (Vulnerable)
  • Exercising Curiosity
  • Collection Data / Information

We are not moderating our “intake” efficiently. When should you use boundaries?

  • You are uncomfortable
  • If you are tired
  • If you are hungry
  • If you’re overwhelmed
  • You are no longer able to “learn” or “listen” (This is a BIG one)
  • If you “shut down”
  • If you feel “overloaded”



How To Build Yourself From Nothing


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