The Psychology of Talking To Your Self

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Points of Origins are the defined Points of Views.


“I write like I talk.” vs. What the Teacher’s

“Essays are only designed to teach you for College Essay Writing”


The Healthy mind is defined as “I” = 1st Person POV under a SINGLE Conscious Mind

Conscious Mind is Your 1st Person POV where your “I” comes from


“They” is defined as your outside relations in 3rd Person POV from a SEPARATE Conscious Mind

Outside Relations (In relative to you) are the people who you refer to as “They” who have their own Consciousness separate from yours.


1st Person you get to FEEL their emotions because you are in their head (Twilight and The Hunger Games) “Inside the Mind”

2nd Person is the “We” and “Us” and is very much when you acknowledge the “I” as “Many” (Anthem by Ayn Rand)

3rd Person you get to OBSERVE and then you have to use EMPATHY and LOGIC to CONCLUDE what you think they are feeling. (Harry Potter) “Standing next to the character”

“Character Hopping” or “Head Hopping” is skill that authors have to avoid using in books.

2nd Person POV Perspective =


In the case of Narcissism (3rd and 4th Stages), the “They” of Abusers are forced into our “I.”

In the case of Borderline Personality Disorder, our “I” is given to the “They” and the “They is forced into our “I.”

In the case of Narcissism stage #1, we over-give our “I” to the “They” of others.

In the case of Codependency the “I” becomes the “They” and the “They” becomes the “I.”

In the case of Multiple Personality Disorder, The “I” is separated into pieces and it becomes multiple “They’s”

In the case of Schizophrenia, it is just the Metaphysical Transformation

Internalization is when you force a “They” into your “I.”

Projection is when you lash out at the External “They” because it hurts.

Displaced Identity Disorder = Core of Trauma

It occurs when a “They” forces any part of their own AIDNS or their Cognitive Core inside of YOU.



  1. Managing and Defining your AIDNS. (Awareness and Defining the Self restoring your Story Health)
  2. Identifying and Separating your AIDNS from another person’s AIDNS. (Invasive Perspectives and your Logical Health Restored)
  3. Preserving your AIDNS from future infiltration. (Emotional Transactions of Human Connection and Abuse Proofing You)


When Person “A” speak the words, “You hurt me,” in an attempt to gain acknowledgement or apology from Person “B”, and the Person “B” apologizes, what really is going on is Person “B” has learned to put their “I” to themselves, however, Person “A” is expecting every Person “B” in the world to “keep your They out of my I.” This is actually transferring RESPONSIBILITY (POWER) FROM PERSON “A” over to EVERY Person B” in the World leaving Person “A” without:

  • Any responsibility for their own actions (not utilizing their own boundaries, trust, Discernment, comfort, and self-care properly)
  • Without any Self-Authority
  • Void of all Confidence and a belief/feeling that “Person A” cannot save themselves because they did not SAVE themselves.

Had they effectively “saved themselves,” then Person A never would have been HURT to begin with. We are supposed to be using DISCERNMENT. But, when we fail to use DISCERNMENT, instead, we ACCUSE demand and FORCE “accountability” from our abusers. INSTEAD OF holding OURSELVES ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR OWN LACK OF DISCERNMENT.

IF your abuser is even WILLING to accept ACCOUNTABILITY, which, in most cases, they are not.


Remorse IS the 6th Perspective Ethical Stage WHICH MEANS it is not POSSIBLE for ANYONE 5th Perspective and lower to even FEEL Accountable for their actions. AND IF they COULD feel accountable, then they would apologize WITHOUT provocation.

True Empathy is learned at the 9th Perspective Stage, and is Compassionate FORESIGHT used PRIOR to the CATALYST.

False Empathy is when you take a “They” and you put it in your “I.”

We are all traumatized because we put the horse before the cart after we force it to drink. – Anna Imagination

Logical Comprehension is your Order of Operations.

The Three Types of Trauma are :

  • Logical Chaos (C, B, C, A, Z)
  • Logical Gaps (A___?___C)
  • Logical Disorder (A, C, B)

The AIDNS straightens it out, fills in the gaps, and organizes your Order of Operations.

Separation of the Self from the Mark of Bligh. The AIDNS replaces the Mark of Bligh with the Self.

Your Trauma is not you. It is just the presence of a foreign AIDNS.

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