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When I tell people that I cured mental illness, I mean that I identified the Logical Formula using math and physics to layout the precise Logical Proof with Defined Premise that occurs as the predecessor to ALL (and I do mean ALL) trauma.

Using this Logical Proof, I was able to cure 5 “incurable” Mental Illness in 3 years including (but not limited to)

  • DID (Multiple Personality Disorder)
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • BiPolar Disorder
  • C-PTSD (44+ Triggers)
  • Depression

But I did it.

This Logical Proof is the same one that I use to this day to straighten out each and every personal conflict. This Logical Proof is the Core and Parent that creates Cognitive Dissonance, which leads to Invasive Perspectives from “Inconclusive Perspectives” that then nurtures the Emotional Mental Environments where Mental Illnesses develop.

“Treating the symptoms of Mental Illnesses is like treating amputees with bandaids.” – Anna Imagination

Personally, I like to treat the problem at the core cause: With the Compromised Self.

That is what we all are suffering from. A Compromised Self. For a Union Divided against itself cannot stand. And most of us are a Divided Union of the Self.

The Formula is simple (and is the IP of Angela B. Chrysler and is Copyright protected).

Identity + Ethics + Beliefs + Name = Perspective

  • What do you love?
  • What is Ethical Right for YOU?
  • What do you Believe?
  • What is the Summation of Who you are?
  • Now, In conclusion, what is your situation?

Most people have a False Name (forced into the System by abusers), False Beliefs, and Ethics forced into the Logical System by Psychological Extortion that resulted in nonconsensual submission of Self-Authority, and an Undefined and suppressed authority that compromised the Conditional Belonging that guaranteed your Survival.

What was done is all the variations of consequential abuse that is out there… and it is irrelevant.

HOW that consequential abuse happened is what matters.

Read it again:

Most people have a False Name (forced into the System by abusers), False Beliefs, and Ethics forced into the Logical System by Psychological Extortion that resulted in nonconsensual submission of Self-Authority, and an Undefined and suppressed authority that compromised the Conditional Belonging that guaranteed your Survival.

This is what causes trauma. Because the Contradiction between Identity and Ethics, Beliefs, and Name result in Cognitive Dissonance. Which leads to an alternate False Perspective that contradicts the Authentic Perspective.

An Invasive Perspective is then required to allow for a preservation of the Conditional Belonging of which, without, survival is not guaranteed.

The real problem?

You don’t believe you can save yourself.

You doubt The Self.

Believe in the Self and you can save yourself. Independence and Freedom are gained.

Doubt the Self and you required others who can (and do) mandate your obedience, agreement, and cooperation and who promise “Belonging” in return.

Well, now… that kind of exchange makes you a slave to their demands now doesn’t it.

We are now Dependent on those Slavers, aren’t we…

Trust in your own Autonomy frees you from any and all psychological enslavement, restores the Self-Authority, and sets you free from the Conditional Belonging that holds you obediently in place.

People fall into two categories at this point :

“I can.”


“I can’t.”

And there it is. It comes down to your faith, trust, and belief in your Self. And so begins the Codependent Paradox. Catch-22.

This is the core of all Mental Illness.

For every action (Abuse) there is an equal and opposite reaction (Trauma). How severe your Abuse will determine the severity of your Trauma.

And a Union Divided against itself cannot stand.

It is never a question of “Can I do it.” But will we do what is necessary to do what is needed to be done to put the Self to the test and escape the Codependent Paradox?

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Below is an Excerpt from my upcoming book “The Theory of Love” Available for sale 14 February 2024.

Logical Beliefs

We hear a lot about “limiting beliefs.” But let’s delve deeper into what those are. Limiting Beliefs do not materialize out of thin air. They are formed through logical proofs in our minds. 

A Logical Belief is a Conclusion. 

A conclusion can be false or correct. 

A Premise is information used in a Logical Proof to build an argument to get a Conclusion. A Premise can be statements, evidence, experiences, and other Conclusions use to create an argument. 

A conclusion is only correct when all of the Premises used in the argument are correct. 

One single false Premise (Literally, this is called a False Premise), will make the Conclusion False.

In  Logical Proof the Conclusion can be Incorrect, the Premise(s) can be Incorrect, but the Logic (process) also can be Incorrect. This is when Logicians say, “The Argument is Sound” or “Sound Logical Argument.” 

In others words “Insane.”

Sane means “Sound.”

“Insane” means “Unsound” as in “Unsound Logical Argument.”

Furthermore, when we talk about Self-Trust and Faith, we are actually referring to our own ability to make a Sound Argument within our Cognitive Core. 

You have to know and believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your Logic is Sound. Without this Trust and Faith within the Self-Logic, Abuser’s get in and can (and do) tamper with the Premise and alter your Logical Argument. This keeps you Vulnerable (open) to the abuser, so that NOW… they are free to abuse you.

Self-Doubt (Trust in the Self) is the core cause of poor Logical Health.

Without education on where and how beliefs are formed, the average individual has both False Premise and Poor Logic, leading to False Conclusions that are then used as “Limiting Beliefs.” 

This Logical Line inside of us is a series of Conclusions or Limiting Beliefs that we use to decide everything in our lives. 

Our Ethics are measured against it. 

Our Identities conflict with it. 

Our Logic fights against it. 

Our Name is decided from the conclusions drawn from it. 

Our Perspective Realities are Formed from it. 

A Union Divided against itself cannot stand. 

Our Logical Health determines all of this. 

When I tell people, “I found the cure to Mental Illness,” this… this is it. This is the cure to mental illness. The Logical Proofs in our head that conflict with our Identity. 


I have someone in my life who is very special to me. 

I loved him. (Identity)

Evidence showed that I was bad for his Mental Illness (Ethics)

I believed we could not recover from this (Beliefs)

Our Name for each other was Undefined. We could not Determine what the “relationship” was or if it even was not. (Name)

As a result, I could not form a solid, sound Perspective (Conclusion) with which to live by, 

The Logical Proof of these 4 Premise (Identity, Ethics, Beliefs, Name) could not form a complete and correct Perspective (Conclusion) resulting in Cognitice Dissoance.

And I am a Logician who has full Conscious Awareness and 30 years practice in Logical Proofs with a Defined Identity and Ethical Law. My Trust in my Logical Argument is Solid. And still, when I’m tired, stressed, hungry, I falter. The single word, “No!” still shakes me a little and I require two days of rest after to restabilize my Logical Core and Recenter. 

Regardless of Experience, an individual can still suffer from Poor Logical Health.

Trust in the Self to form Solid arguments, Conclusions, and Perceptions of Reality is the core of all Logical Health. The more you Trust the Self, the less likely Abusers can access your Logic. Poor or Low Trust in the Self, leads to Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance occurs when the Logical Health within the Cognitive Core is not Sound.   

End Excerpt from “Theory Of Love” by Angela B. Chrysler

Catch-22 = Logic Loop

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