Stepping Stone #1 : The Addiction-Anxiety Infinity Loop and How to Break It

“Show Me The Next Step”


Point A (Point of Origin) to Point Z (Heading)

Heading = Dream

Breaking Down Addiction-Anxiety, Codependency, and Infinity Loop

Excerpt from Philosophical Coffee The Workbook

Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety is a Cocktail. Not just any cocktail, it is the motherload of all Emotional Cocktails. The reason why I have Anxiety here in this category is because Anxiety is the ultimate Internal Civil War. We require Quantum Psychology for this beauty.

Anxiety is a Compound Emotion. It has SIX prerequisites

A Compound Emotion is an Emotion that is made up of 2 or more emotions.

Like Anger and Fear, There are Stages to Anxiety.

  1. Anxiety
  2. Rising Panic
  3. Panic Attack

The Cocktail Ingredients : 

  1. You have to Want and Desire (Identity)
  2. You have to Fear the Action greater than the Want (Fear System)
  3. You have to feel Trapped (stuck between Wanting to Act and Being too Afraid to Act)
  4. You have to feel “Powerless” to Change (Fear System)
  5. You have to lack Problem Solving Skills (Logical Health)
  6. You have to have Self-Doubt

That’s right. Anxiety is when you have Two Life Titans disagreeing and when Fear overrides Self-Preservation. Fear battles Identity. Logic can’t Solve for X. Fear overrides the entire System in an attempt to “step in and take over.” Identity grows smaller…

In most cases, The Third Life Titan, Conscious Awareness, then feels Self-Loathing. Imagine that Conscious Awareness is the child who hates both parents who fight all the time. So Ego/Conscious Awareness begins to hate the Internal System.

Anxiety is the Apex of the Self Divided in Civil War. This is why SOOO many people struggle with Anxiety.

All the while, the Disempowered lack of Control rises.

The Higher the lack of Control and Power, the closer you get to the Panic Attack. The famed Panic Attack strikes when the lack of Control reaches its full Maximum Power, and launches into “Full System Shut Down” or “Vasovagal Syncope.”

How to Resolve Anxiety : Understanding What you are really dealing with.

100% of all cases of Anxiety are people who :

Are not managing their Comfort properly. They may be *in* their Comfort Zone, but they are not Nurturing and Grounding.

Anxiety is FILLED with Catch-22.

You will need to “break” the Catch-22 Cycle. Fortunately, my favorite novel is Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. And breaking Catch-22, is one of my forte’s.

Catch-22 is a Logic Loop.

It’s “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, if Only the Mouse first Bakes Cookies to Give to the Mouse, which will allow the entire book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” to take place… But only if the mouse first bakes the cookies to give to the mouse…” You see what I mean. So let’s find and break down your Catch-22’s.

In Anxiety, there are at least THREE Catch-22’s at play. To break a Catch-22, you require 100% of Logic and Problem Solving, Imagination, and the ability to outsmart your own Subconscious Mind. It is a Logical Face-Off where YOU have to become more Logical than your Logical System.

The Ultimate Chess Match. Think of this as, quite literally, 3D Chess. Because it is.

You have to invent and create your own opportunity, with a plan and a strategy which will bypass your Catch-22.


Logic 101

Neglected Child : Was forced to Indulge in Excess Discomfort : Trauma by Association to Discomfort itself. These are the children who get “stuck” in the Fear Zone and they CANNOT find their way back to the Comfort Zone. These are the people who NEVER do Self-Care, and if they do, they have guilt.

Solution : MUST get to their Comfort Zone AND learn Self-Care, Re-energize, and Ground themselves within their Comfort Zone UNTIL they reach Full Stored Potential Energy.

Characteristics : Over Responsible. Labelled “Workaholic” and Incapable of relaxing.

Over-“Nurtured” Child : Received TOO much “Mothering” from an Enabling Mother : Lack Proof of Concept to Survive Discomfort “I don’t know if I can survive Discomfort.” These are the people who are so Afraid, that they turn their own Comfort Zone into a Shrinking Prison.

Solution : MUST learn to MANAGE their Discomfort via Micro Doses of Exposure Therapy. Joy and Love. Re-energize, and Ground themselves.


Characteristics : Under Responsible. Labelled “Lazy” and Lack Motivation. Relaxes too much. Does little to no visible “work.”

You can be both. REMEMBER everything is on a spectrum.

If you are both, you require EFFECTIVE Self-Care. Joy and Love. Re-energize, and Ground themselves.


Regarding Self-Care

You are either not doing it RIGHT or you are not doing it AT ALL.

Joy and Love. Re-energize, and Ground themselves.


The “Fix This” Formula:

The “Life” Formula or “The Happiness” Formula


Want + Obstacle = How do you Overcome it… And this is your LIFE Story.

The “Story” Formula (That EVERY write knows)

Want + Obstacle = Story


Source : The Finding Nemo Ted Talk

The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell


The Physics Formula For Drive, Results, and Happiness:

Desire Quantity (Joy+Love) + Action Quantity (No Strategically Applied Logic)= Momentum Quantity

High desire (Joy+Love) + High action (High Strategically Applied Logic)= High Momentum

Low Desire (Joy+Love) + Low Action (Low Strategically Applied Logic)= Low Momentum

High Desire (Joy+Love) + No Action  (No Strategically Applied Logic) = High Anxiety

No Desire (Joy+Love) + High Action (No Strategically Applied Logic) = High Anxiety

Negative Emotional Potential Input + No Desire (Joy+Love) + No Action (No Strategically Applied Logic) = Mental Illness

Negative Emotional Potential Input + High Desire (Joy+Love) + No Action (No Strategically Applied Logic) = Mental Illness

Negative Emotional Potential Input + High Desire (Joy+Love) + High Action (No Strategically Applied Logic) = Positive Redirect via Law of Motion

Positive Emotional Potential Input + No Desire (Joy+Love) + No Action (No Strategically Applied Logic) = Mental Illness

Positive Emotional Potential Input + High Desire (Joy+Love) + No Action (No Strategically Applied Logic) = Excitement (Store Positive Potential Energy)


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