The Core Lessons

How To Build Yourself From Nothing

How To Build Yourself From Nothing Symptoms of Traumatized in the 1st Perspective: Addiction Eating Disorder Self-Mutilation Kidnappers / Serial Killers / Pedophilia Feeling trapped in

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Learn Logic. Find the Anomalies. Become a Detective. This is what sparked, ignited, and propelled my education forward. I was curious and couldn’t stand anomalies.

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On Forgiveness

This is best followed with The Narcissist Cure. Which is to be done after you understand the Emotional Transactions of Human Connection. We are Mirrors.

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How the Subconscious Mind Fights

Amnesia : The First Line of Defense Distraction Red Herrings “Orange Marmalade” Blame (Responsibility Shifting/Assignment) Changing of Subjects “I’m Fine” Reading Subconscious Mind “I don’t

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