Onto the 11th of the You of I

I was recording a class this morning, and I felt the “Click” of Comprehension, a flood of “New” Vision and Sight,” and Integration. At last, I could summarize:

It is an allowance of All. Not just “Allowance” but Empowering Nurture.”

I could see the “3 Cell Network” that is Connection. And I could See and Utilize the Double and Triple Projection of Perspective.

Powerful tool.

It’s using “Imagination” and “Vision” to “put yourself into the Future and “look back” to this moment. “What would you change?”

And then, I Shifted Perspectives mid-double projection and I could “See” the Future (Mathematical Trajection) while I was Double Projecting. So… So… I wish I had a team of scientists.

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