The Physics and Math Behind The AIDNS

Primary Formula :

Ethical Law of Natural Order from 4th Perspective Fascist Agenda

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Abuse = Resistance = Pain

Pain = Resistance : Self-Authority


Authority : Resistance Formula of Change

Suffering (Pain) + ROI (Reward) > Risk (Resistance) and Measured Quantity of Required Work for Change


Nature’s Baseline For Ethical Law of Natural Order

100% Self-Authority : 0% Resistance = 0% Pain

100% Self-Authority – x% Resistance = x% Pain


Self-Authority = Freedom


Power comes from Placed Value

Self-Authority = Placement of Assigned Power


Learning = The Internalization Ethical Perspective Growth


Resistance disrupts the Frequency of Learning and now can be used to measure the Quantity of Suffering based on the Disruption of Ethical Perspective Growth


Frequency = Number of Occurrences of an event / Unit of Time

Rate of Learning = Perspective Shift / Unit of Time Without Resistance

Measure the amount of Resistance to Determine the Severity of Trauma/Suffering/Abuse


Natural Ethical Perspective Frequency

Rate of Learning/Growth without Interference or Resistance


Y-Axis Formula

Natural Ethical Perspective Frequency – Natural Baseline = Total Quantity of Emotional Energy Imbalance, Interference, and Resistance

True Ethical Frequency = The Rate at which one Shifts Perspectives through Natural Growth without Interference or Resistance.

True Ethical Frequency – Conformed Obedience (Stagnant Ethical Stage) = Condensed Frequency of Resistance = Quantity of Pain

Each Ethical Perspective represents a Swinging Pendulum, like a metronome, of Indulgence/Integration, Avoidance/Indulgence, Integration/Avoidance. The rate in which we “shift” from Indulgence/Integration, Avoidance/Indulgence, Integration/Avoidance produces a measurable metric, that, without resistance or interference, allows us to establish and define a measurable metric with which to determine an Individual’s Frequency.

Slowed Frequency of Growth = Stunted Learning due to Resistance of Growth due to Interference and Compromised Self-Authority.

Learn : to Integrate the Ethical Lessons of the 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth, Indulge in each Ethic, Avoid when too much Indulgence is reached, and Appreciation motivates us to Integrate the Balance.


Hypothesis : Each Ethical Stage consists of 12 Minor Stages within each Ethical Stage.


Cognitive Dissonance is Interference in Physics when you have two incompatible Frequencies producing incompatible waves defined by Conflicting Logic and Ethical Perspective Stages forced into the Same Self-System. This occurs during the Merging of two Incompatible Self-Systems with Conflicting Self-Logic that leads to Logical Fallacies.


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