Measuring Standards for Human-Abstract-Physics System Draft

8 February 2024

The Wave by Todd Strasser.

*Picking up the book, The Wave, Anna begins to read.*

Periodically, she paused to scribble a note or two, then returned to reading.

Teaching… contagious. Debate. Discuss. Passion. Interest.

Teaching/Learning Emotions : Curiosity, passion, belief, Ethics, values, Desires, interests… Explore, Adventure, Open-Minded

Survival Emotions : Problems, Fear, Panic, Anxiety, Control, Nervousness, Worry…

Comfort Emotions : Joy, Relaxed, happy, calm, resting Emotions…

Teaching/Learning… Logic and Fear

Survival… Fear and Trauma

Comfort… Identity

Ross… He is just like me. Obsessed with learning, Hierarchical Learning. Hyperfocused. Comprehension… He… can do Expansive Thinking.


Value, Desire… Give them something that they want…

Mimic, Mirror. Repetition.

Mob mentality. Uniformity… Dangerous.

Order. Organized.

Already conditioned obedience.

He used Adrenaline, Belonging, Power of Combined Energy (I know what that is)…

Made 3 rules… Freedom of Others is Freedom for Self.

Love the Self to show Others Love.

Learn to Understand to Love to Free.





Rules… to the game.

Its a game… Jeopardy. Not only do you have to know. You have to follow the rules.

Power. Unit. The circuit… Hive mind… He activated hive mind…

Hive mind.

The Network.

This is dangerous when done without awareness.

Mindlessness is dangerous.

Adrenaline rush.

2nd Perspective loyalties. That is what the Third Reich was built on. The same stuff as Religion. I know how dangerous this is. We’ve seen the world run on 2nd Perspective Agenda. It did not end well.

They are starved for Belonging. I know what that is. They crave to Belong to the Hive.

They are Isolated, Undefined Self, suddenly accessing the Power of Combined Energy of 2+ AIDNS… It’s a Power High and adrenaline Rush with a sense of purpose, Power, and Belonging… FUCK DANGEROUS…

Preservation of Self and Preservation of Others.

Lead by Example for the Mental Mind will follow.

Unity in Individuality.

Learning through Ethical Growth and Critical Awareness Living. Mindful Awareness.

Trust Love.

A flag. A symbol. To represent what they believe.

Preserve Authority in Self and Others.

The Triad. One of All of Many.

Something to believe in bigger than Self.

This is dangerous. Done wrong… and it’s disastrous. Done right… It cannot be done “Right.” It is just Power accessed out of Natural Order.

They are accessing the Power of “They” before they have mastered and defined “I.” Fuck Dangerous.

There is only one thing big enough, powerful enough, pure enough, perfect enough that would work.

World Peace.

Preservation of the Self, Others, and All.

Call to Unity and Community for all.

Laws and Rules for those who need it that Preserve and Nurture Self Love and Love For All.

Lead by Example.

Consent. Freedom. Self-Authority.

Mindful, Critical, Thinking, Awareness.

They must Think.

It’s the Mindlessness that is Dangerous.

It’s the Parroting without Thought that is Dangerous.

Authorship with Intent.

Constant Self-Awareness.

Trust Mirroring. Trust Love. Trust Ethics. Trust Nature.

And if it goes wrong, The Majority will set the Example and provide Gentle Guidance and Direction.

Toward a Common Goal.

World Peace.


Contagious… Like the space race…

Brainwashing with Awareness and consent. Brainwashing on purpose. Brainwashing as a tool. Brainwashing without awareness or non-consent.


Signs and symptoms.



They need to know what Brainwashing looks like.

Everyone needs to know what it looks like.


*Jumping up*

That’s it!

A lack of Trust and “Enforcement.” That is the problem. Enforcement enables. … And assigns 

Authority… breaking down Equality. Peers must teach… It’s the Authority! There it is… The right to choose is taken away with Enforcement. The people as a group, peers must stand up for what is right…

When I was at an event, I knocked over a glass that I did not know was resting on the steps. It shattered on the cement. Everyone was barefoot. A woman rose up and screamed at me. “This is why we don’t have glass outside!”

And four men all rose up against her. Without my saying a word, they reprimanded her. “That was not her fault. She did not know. Do not attack her!”

The woman backed down. It’s a common practice here in New York City. When someone violates the ethics, we stand up in numbers. It is no wonder to any New Yorker that we pulled together like we did during 9/11.

Solution… Positive Solution… Equality! It is the lack of Equality! How could we miss this!? How could we not see!? The 6th Ethical Perspective is the Preservation of Others and The Self!

Equal Individuality! That is the fix for all of this! Equal Individuality! Authority to govern others is the problem! It breaks down trust and enables unaccountability!

Equal Individuality vs. Hierarchical Conformity.

Fucking Powerful.

Hierarchical Conformity is Christianity, Nazism, Patriatiotism, and Communism. Equal Individuality is what all of those societal practices lack.

Hierarchical Conformity provides Belonging without Trust. Superiority and Power without Equality. This is Neegan.

“Laurie isn’t breaking any rules.”

“If she was really against the Wave, she would be.”

…Lacking Freedom to break the rules is not freedom at all…


How would you enforce the rules? How would you keep people safe?”


I have been raped all of my life. Four times I went to the police. Four times, nothing was done. I was threatened and laughed at by the police. It is a Delusional lie that Police Protect. Police only arrive after the Crime is Over… if they show up at all. When people lack the Ethics to violate the Self-Authority of others, the police are powerless. It is a person’s Ethic that determines crime. And it is a Person’s Intelligent, Logical Life Navigational Skills that determine the Victim.

Police don’t protect. That’s the Delusion.

It’s our Ethics and Families. It’s Learning and Trial and Error that keeps us safe.

The thing about Accountability…


Do you propose getting rid of police?




Come again?


During Woodstock, the police were called. They anticipated rioting, violence, and war. The head of police at Woodstock were beginning to orchestrate an attack on the peaceful crowd. Warning came in from headquarters that they were to stand down. That order kept the police – not the people – in check.

10,000 people came for peace, love, and music. Mostly children. And the Police were dumbfounded that 10,000 children gathered in peace, love, and music and not fight. Woodstock showed the world that we don’t need police or Authority to behave. It did show the world just how little people trust people.

I say, leave the police in place. And become so Ethical, that the police become laughably useless.

It’s the mindlessness and the ignorance of loyalty without awareness that is dangerous.Confused Conformity with Equality. Once again, ignorance is dangerous.

Dependency on the System. An undefined Self… Using the System… as an Emotional Prosthetic. Now that…

This is why the Self must come first.

Why always the Self must be the First. To prevent Emotional Prosthetic. To prevent Attachment and “filling of the Self” with 3rd Party Identity or 3rd Party Purpose.

This is why a person must have the Defined Self before the Cause…. Oh hell… The dangers of Religion and Hitler’s Youth is very clear to me now.

Without either of which, the Self is left without Definition… Hence Dependence and Emotional Prosthetic. Identity Displacement.

A lack of Discernment.

“If you’re not with us, you’re against us.”

Where does that come from?

What is that?

Fear of the Unknown.

Be on my side or else? What is that?



Hierarchy. Support me or Obey. Control. Trust.


Forced Conformity. A lack of Understanding what is not you.

Inability to define what you don’t know.

Learn or… Prejudice.

Learn or Threaten.

Learn or Fear.

Conformity is used to avoid Learning while controlling Fear.

Conformity is controlling Fear without Learning.

No leaders.

Authority is the problem.


Fear to oppose without consequence.

Freedom to Join, Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Live Independent and Free.

“We don’t trust those who we can’t control,” is the core belief of all cults, religions, and practices. “So control them by forcing them to join. The punish them for not conforming.”

The problem is the Hierarchy, so they instill the Authority to keep order because they lack trust. But the Authority creates the Hierarchy.

The Authority creates the Hierarchy.

And then Law of Reflection / Mimic Mirror… “We need to get a bigger gun” becomes the Game of Hierarchy… Like Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd comparing whose weapon is bigger.

Attacking Belonging…

Threatening the Supplanted Identity.

Fight for False Identity.

A True Identity requires no Fight.

You can’t even have a conversation without worrying about who is listening.

Fear is what violates Freedom.

When Fear results in compliance to preserve safety…

When Fear in losing the Defined Self Depends on the Compliance and Obedience of others.

It’s not brainwashing.

It’s Self-Preservation when your Identity has been Displaced by something outside of the Self.

It’s Codependency. Fascism. Religion. The moment you have an Authority, you create a Hierarchy, and that breaks Self-Authority, Self-Government, and Self-Dependency.

Self-Preservation of the Displaced Identity becomes the…


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