The Logic of Perspective Psychology

Inductive Reasoning is the Logical Argument that uses facts that are determined by repeated observations.

“A patient breaks down crying suddenly without a rational catalyst.”

Because, in this case, a catalyst is not visible. Primarily because the catalyst is the Abstract Emotional State occurring within the patient’s mind, unseen and inexperienced by the Observer.

Think about what deductions would then be concluded in the 19th Century, 1980’s, and even as recent as 2020, when we witness someone breaking down crying without a visible, known catalyst. What deductions would be reached by the observer?

My Psychology, Perspective Psychology, is built on Deductive Reasoning, where facts are determined by combining existing statements. The statements, in this case, were derived from Emotions, Logical Beliefs, Logical Fallacies, and the Fear system within the 6-Part Mental System.

In logic, you have to have Premise. A premise is a statement accepted as True.

In order for a Premise to be accepted as True, I required 100% Consistency.

Inconsistency immediately invalidated the Premise, and I required myself to Emotionally Experience and Dissect the next state of being. Identify the Emotional Data, and then compared my deductions with others to confirm 100% Consistency.

Note : I am currently conducting this research with Depression.

Premise Under Study : “Depression is Grief one experiences due to Loss of Self.”

“Self,” in this case, is defined as:

  • What I love
  • What I want
  • What I desire
  • What I hope
  • What I have
  • What I dream
  • What I believe
  • What my Perspective Is

Loss of someone we love such as a Break-Up, Divorce, or Death of a loved one can lead to Depression, which is grieving the loss of a Dream, a Perspective, a Hope… all of which make up elements of The Self.

I will reiterate, this premise is currently under evaluation and has not yet been concluded in my research.

A premise comes from only one of two sources : Repeated Observation or Deductive Reasoning.

Freud, and Modern Psychologists, observe an outside behavior and deduce based solely on the outside behavior.

Perspective Psychology is based, 100% on Deductive Reasoning and Emotional Observation within the Subconscious Mind, which is then put through Deductive Reasoning to confirm the logical argument is sound. Logical Checks were then conducted to confirm consistency. Additional Case Studies, Field Research, and over 1,000 interviews spanning 30 years were conducted to confirm 100% accuracy of Emotional Observation and Confirmation were confirmed prior to using the Premise for Deductive Reasoning.

Logical Fallacy is hereby defined as a Premise that contains false Logic or incorrect logic and that is not sound, leading to a False Conclusion.


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