The Mark of Bligh

You. You beautiful man. You and I are going to have a cup of metaphorical coffee this morning together and we are going to have a bit of a chat… when you are ready and with your consent, of course. Only with your consent please. And ONLY when you are ready. And always remember, this is just one of my stories. It is not meant to change you or hurt you. Just observe and throw it away… but only when you are ready. That is always most important.  

I am through the Perspective Shift and things have normalized for me. It’s safe for me to mingle and talk to others again. My god… the words are finally all here and in order and I can cherry pick precisely the ones that I have been wanting to say… For so long. So fucking long… 

I told you in a previous letter that I would be “back to normal” on Thursday, and yes. Right on schedule, the Shift took the 3 days for me to adjust. I can also detect when I come close to another shift. I can prepare for these shifts, and isolate when they occur. Perspective Sickness is… annoying, mild, and best handled alone. 

I am so happy… I am so… 

This song… 

This song does a lot to communicate to you a lot of what I want to say, first. Please listen to it at some point. The lyrics are precisely where I am. Where I am. The relief, the joy of being here is… inexplicable until today. 

Shortly after you and I met, we went to a nudist party. They asked us what our Super Powers were. I put you on the spot and had you tell them what you thought my super power was. You were upset at me for putting you on the spot. You told them how I commuted to New York City every weekend for the friends, the fucking, and the food. You told me after how upset you were that I put you on the spot. I am sorry. 

My real super power… My *real* super power is seeing the Mark of Bligh inside of people, and seeing who they really are without the Mark of Bligh. That is my Super Power. 

The Mark of Bligh is identified in the movie, “Mutiny on The Bounty” with Marlon Brando. 

Captain Bligh was the Captain of the Bounty who was so abusive that his crew mutinied. After the mutiny, the trauma and abuse stayed with the crew. It drove terror, confusion, paranoia, and fear so deeply into the crew members that they panicked and turned on each other. This led them to (accidently) killing their friend and kind leader (Brando) as well as the majority of the remaining crew. As Brando lay dying he said, “We all still carry the Mark of Bligh. 

The Mark of Bligh is all the trauma, the fear, the abuse that is in each one of us. And my Super Power is seeing the Mark of Bligh separate from the Individual. And… removing it. 

I see you. I see you without the Mark of Bligh. 

The hardest thing about people is knowing when you are dealing with the Individual or the Mark of Bligh. 

Today is my first day 100% free of The Mark of Bligh. This is the first letter that I am writing to you 100% Free of the Mark of Bligh. The Mark of Bligh interferes with Communication, judgment, Decisions, Discernment, and Ethics. It interferes with everything. EVERY THING.

When I first met you, I could see you 100% Free and separate from the Mark of Bligh in you. And I loved you. I could see myself without this Mark. I can’t “See” with Divination or Spirituality. It isn’t Astrology, Religion, or Chakra stones… It’s Mathematics, Logic, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, and Geometry that is so predictable, so precise that I can see what was, what is, and what will be exactly… EXACTLY like how a chess player can predict their player’s strategy 20, 40, 60 moves ahead in the game. 

And I am never wrong because my logic and knowledge is so deeply understood, internalized, and precise. My pain, all of our pain, is the inconsistency, the illogic of the Mark of Bligh and how much it conflicts with our own Personal Logic.

The problem I always had was being able to see these logical moves so far ahead while also looking at the present moment before me with the Mark of Bligh embedded in you and in me… And I did and can see what will be and what is and what was all at the same time… but it is just math. Highly predictable math. So I know things that others don’t know, but only because they lack the information and knowledge to make the same logical deductions. 

And I see you. 

And sometimes, Many times, I got excited for what I could and can still see. and other times my Mark of Bligh would override my logic with fear. And other times I lacked the understanding of what I could see and do see, but I lacked the language skills to articulate all of this to you… until the 2nd Perspective of the You of I. And you *do* have the freedom of choice. 100%. You *do* have the ability and freedom to consent and shift and change and move. You are 100% free. 

And I can see it all. 

I do struggle with trajection on timing. The timing is where I am often wrong. lol… The “when.” It infuriates me.

Except now, Right now and today, I had two “Visions” or Logical Predictions happen today precisely as I saw them… and I feel it. This letter to you, the words coming to me to talk to you about the Mark of Bligh is next. I see me taking this to The Garden and teaching it to others and teaching them how to see and remove the Mark of Bligh from them. I know how to use TV and Pop Culture to heal people. And what I say to you is the first step that always comes prior to me helping them. And this moment, this letter, right now, is the first. 

As you and I heal and walk through this process, I walk the world through their process. And Lizzie with her healing from Trauma-Based Education, she is the other piece too. And these two pieces, you and I with the Mark of Bligh, and Lizzie and I with the Trauma-Based Education recovery… This is what launched the Healing Garden into fame because this… This is trauma that everyone knows, everyone has, and everyone relates to. 

And this isn’t “Religious” or “Spiritual” or Chakra Stones… It’s logic, mathematics, Geometry, Physics, Dimension Theory, Philosophy, Sociology, Linguistics, and Psychology. And I can see it all. I’ve been doing this all my life. It’s precisely what Sherlock Holmes used to solve crimes in his books. It’s called Applied Interdiversary Studies and this is the new science I discovered while I tried to cure my Mark of Bligh. 

And cured it I did. 

So to you, now, I want to tell you, never judge anyone on their Mark of Bligh. Most of all, yourself. Never yourself. The Mark of Bligh is *NOT* a character or personality trait. It is the Mark of Bligh. It is a virus that malforms and twists our minds into and against ourselves. And… You…

I can see you so very clearly now. Clearer than ever. And this is where I say again, that song. Listen to that song. It says everything I want to say to you now. So much. 

Because I see you without the Mark of Bligh and I know me. I am VERY self-aware. I know just how much your logic matches mine. And that this is Wisdom Love. This is *not* at all “Romantic Love.” In Romantic Love, you fall, it’s not consensual, and it’s Fear-Based. Romantic Love is the Mark of Bligh in disguise as Love.  

But Wisdom Love is a love that is consensual. It is slow and warm and intentional. It is self-aware love that is chosen with full logic, wisdom, and awareness. And you walk into it slowly so as to savor it. There is no need in Wisdom Love (Named so by Pythagoras). There is only Joy, Celebration, Adventure, and Freedom. No names, no labels, no rules. It just *is.* And there is no time. There is no urgency. It just… becomes. It already *is.*

Information and Knowledge is Logical Understanding that eliminates Fear and Undefined Variables. And up to now, you and I have had many… MANY Undefined Variables caused by our Marks of Bligh. 

Well, my dear. I have removed my Mark of Bligh. I am finally all of me now. And I am very patiently, kindly sitting here, waiting for you, smiling. sipping my coffee with only one sugar (still too much… I know. And, in a future Dimension, I will be… but not yet… But I see it. And I see your response already to it). Watching the future moves while watching the current play in front of me without the words to explain all of what I could see. And I have chosen. My choice is made. And I made it with full conscious knowing and awareness steeped in mathematics, logic, physics, philosophy, and psychology. And today, the world is so very calm and everything is just… perfect. 

And also, I see a world where people become aware of their Mark of Bligh, and they become *adamant* to remove theirs. And then the Journey catches fire. And it ignites this healing. And it spreads. And you, my love. You and I are who start this. You are my Love. And you I Value. And you are my Mirror and my You of I. And I saw this moment all two and a half years ago. And I saw the future that is coming always, constantly, over and over again, which is *why* I couldn’t leave you, because it was illogical to do so. And right now, this moment, I saw it. And I see the next moment, and the one after that. 

But I finally have learned not to share those moments with you until you are ready. 

I understand it all now and I can finally say it. I can finally tell you all of it in time. 

And I just have to say that it feels really fucking weird to see this Future in the Present Now that is now in the Momentary Recent Past… and the next future that I have been looking at for 30 years is now here… and it’s become the Now… FINALLY… and I see the next one… and the next… 

It’s just logic and physics and math, Philosophy, and sociology and Psychology… and the Mark of Bligh all coming to an end played out exactly as if in chess. 

That is what I see. 

“The Mark of Bligh” is just… a disease. A single simple disease that almost everyone is infected with. And I can see so easily how to just… remove it. And I teach this to people. And they all will remove their Mark of Bligh. And it starts with you and I. 

There is nothing for you to do, my love. It’s done. 

I just needed to love you enough to stay focused on my mission. And I did. I made it. 

So… This letter is just a stepping stone I am, according to logic, supposed to give to you now. 

“Supposed to.” Because it is logical to do so and it is the next step in the mathematical equation that is the process of removing the Mark of Bligh.

Thank you for having coffee with me this morning. Afternoon now. 

I hope you are well. 

– Anna   

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