The Greatest Strength known to Man.

To choose exposure. To choose full and raw honesty. Transparency.

How could we ever think that vulnerability is weak? This is a lie we tell ourselves to avoid exposure. The true weakness is using anger, abuse, and violence to hide our Exposure because we do not trust our own Strength. Because we do not think we can save ourselves. Because we lack courage.

That’s right.

Insecurity, not knowing who we are in that hypothetical future scenario…

My choice does not violate him.

My choice is for me.

It is not for him.

This is Loyalty to the Defined Self. Loyal to the Choice of Future Self.

12:47 PM, I could feel the Re-Wiring of the Nervous System as the Perspective Shifted from the 1st Perspective You of I to the 2nd Perspective of You of I.

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