Stages of Change From Societal Slavery To Freedom

This is an Existential Crisis

The Violation of Self-Authority #1 leading cause of all trauma.

Lack of Consent becomes a VIOLATION of self-Authority is the moment YOU need to Self-Govern.

If this “Self-Government” –

Slavery is an absence of Consenting to being Governed.

Slavery is Non-Consensual Government.

Rape is a Violation of Self-Authority

This is the 5th Ethic.

They take so much time that “I don’t know what to do with all of my time.” I don’t know who I am without the Slavery.

This is part of it.

Expect the Stages of Change : These are different than the Traditional Emotional Pathway.

  • Shock – Culture Shock
    • Timer / urgency
    • Productivity / Quotas (You being Farmed for your resources)
    • Attendance / Punctuality
  • Disbelief “Are you Sure?” “What?” “Did you…?” (Negotiation) – Checks and Balances to ensure the validity of the logic prior to entering it into our system.
  • (Confusion – During Abuse… The Abuser’s Door) See the Laws of Deflecting in Optic Physics, and that leads to Mental Illness
  • Inventory of Resources : What have I lost? What have I gained? Is there a change?
  • Awareness : Digesting or Processing the SCOPE of what was done to you. Realization of what they took from you usually occurs here. Allow the Anger to occur. Name what they did, what they took from you.
  • The Naming is VITAL to Trauma Recovery – YOU MUST NAME IT… Gives Voices, which RESTORES AUTHORITY – BACK in Control.
  • Anger The Stage – SAY THE NAME “They would do X.” “They did THIS to me.” Shock and Awe (#1) and the Disbelief (#2) Re-Cataloguing The Data into the Logical Line – CORRECTING THE LOGICAL FALLACY –

Time Line – 5 to 10 days to Cognitive Core Processing

  • Cry
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Anger / Break things
  • Empty
  • Undefined “Who am I without this trauma”
  • Trauma / The Activity they made you do Defined your day and time
  • Nightmares
  • Sleep to be affected / Sleep A LOT
  • Diet will change
  • Periods of Awareness : A new shock wave to your system every time = To burst into tears
  • NAME IT – Rant and RAGE – GIVE POWER to it AND you change the programming because you are uploading new “html” code into your Cognitive Core. “They did X to me.” “I was treated like X.”
  • The Words are what IS the Logic
  • The Words are the Programming – You reprogram your mind when you use different.

Time Trauma :

  • 24 Hours in a day
  • Comfort Zone MANDATORY
  • YOU have had a DEFICIT of Comfort – Nonconsensual Deficit of Comfort. (Nonconsensual Surplus of Comfort/Suffering)
  • “Are you Ready?” = AUTHORITY
  • Expect and Brace for the Guilt – People are conditioned to seek out abuse to avoid guilt – THAT IS guilt working.
  • Resist – Exposure Therapy / Allowing yourself to INDULGE IN YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE

Guilty Pleasure

  • Comfort Zone / Self-Care / Indulge in Guilty Pleasure to UNDO the Slave-Mind Conditioning.
  • Authority
  • Autonomy
  • JOY = Doing it Right
  • Lack of Joy = Slavery
  • Misery = Enslavement
  • What do you WANT?
  • What gives you JOY?
  • Do not let anyone help you with these choices.
  • Your Authority is what got compromised

Choice Trauma :

  • More decisions than you know what to do with
  • Comfort Zone MANDATORY
  • YOU have had a DEFICIT of Comfort – Nonconsensual Deficit of Comfort. (Nonconsensual Surplus of Comfort/Suffering)
  • “Are you Ready?” = AUTHORITY

How to Recover :

  • Remove Time (There is no time)
  • Eliminate Deadlines – NO expectations

Comfort Zone –

Your Goal is to Define your NEW autonomy

What to expect AFTER the Purge

  • Empty
  • Quiet
  • Calm
  • Blank Slate
  • Period of “Calm Seas” – No urgency
  • Enjoy the Leisure stroll of Freedom
  • Observing Freedom with Curiosity and just… Absorption
  • Look at it, and you study it
  • Acceptance – Normalizing
  • Familiarize with yourself
  • Forget

Ends the 1st Ethical Perspective Change of “Surplus of Comfort”

  • …and then… you want to Adventure. THAT is when you are ready.
  • You’re ready to Learn again. This time with YOUR Consensual Authority.
  • Consent = Authority
  • And right there, that is when you realize that you are FREE.
  • Freedom is when you HAVE Consensual Authority
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