The 7-Part Mental System

The Subconscious Mind and the Conscious Mind is made up of 7 Parts:

1 – Identity

2 – Conscious Awareness

3 – Intuition

4 – Subconscious Mind (Logic)

5 – Fear System – Guilt System

6 – Defense System

7 – Self-Preservation (Revealed itself only after the Fear System became Dormant)

Did my Self-Preservation turn unto my Fear System? Or did my Fear System choke out my Self-Preservation? I don’t know. I like to think that my Self-Preservation is separate from my Fear System because the Fear System ran on an absence of Love, while the Self-Preservation was pure love.

Mental Illness comes from the Self-Preservation System, which, I believe, came equipped with The Fear System.

I often ponder what is the Evolutionary benefit of “Fear” and why did Mother Nature give it to us to such a degree?

To which my Intuition replies, “3rd Law of Newton.”

Okay. Fair enough.

Which, just stands on its own… I strongly believe the Fear System is not the Self-Preservation System because the Self-Preservation System works with Identity. Fear works against her.

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