The Layers and Levels of Consciousness

I wish I could say to you that I’ve just come back from the most extraordinary journey and, I’m here to report “In conclusion…” I wish I could say that my work is complete and I’m here to settle down and reflect deeply on all I’ve seen and explored.

Actually. I don’t wish that at all.

This is an “in-between” letter. One of those posts you write mid-way through your journey. You know you are nowhere near done. You know you have much of infinity to go. But today is a milestone. And milestones deserve reflection.

Every Shift reveals treasures to you. And this one… Shifting into the They of I, shifting into any Grouping is eventful. This is one is exceptional.

Equal Footing. That is the Summation of the lessons of the You of I. With the I of I, we sit submissively below all others. The You of I, we stand pompously over all. It is in the They of I that you truly see everyone and everything eye-to-eye. The relief of shedding the You of I and walking on from that stage is… Peace.

The I of I, you learn to fight for yourself. The You of I, you defend yourself. The They of I, you make peace with yourself. The I of I is the Apprenticeship of The Self. They You of I is the Tradesmen of the Self. The They of I is the Mastery of the Self. I feel like, I’m finally ready “to people.” Ironically, or Mother Nature’s Sense of Humor, that is exactly what the They of I is all about: Networking and Romance Seeking… Settling down and Propagating.

My experience with sleep and dreams has changed.

Sleeping is no longer “sleep.” It is the Abstract Side of Awake. We must share ourselves with the Abstract. We must. Balanced Mental and Physical Health demands it. Now, I walk into sleep eager, excited, and thrilled to be spending the next 9 hours or so within the Abstract. Identity and Intuition take the reins with Imagination and they steer the show while I contemplate the depths of the Self, Consciousness, and the Abstract.

I have no idea what I will find along this journey, but I know exactly where it will take me.

I sit with my coffee. I contemplate. I think. I observe. The 1st Ethic of the They of I is filled with peace, promise, and prosperity.

How to turn the heads of the Masses toward this light and show them…

That… That is my next Adventure.

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