Organizing Chaos

I just finished up the Curriculum for Alexandria and The Lost Science of Comprehension.

I am reviewing my life’s written and published work. 1,106 posts from 2014 to 2019. 148 posts from 2022 to 2023 215 posts from 2023 to present 125 posts (mostly my courses) 2024

Unbreaking You YouTube Channel 1,300 VideosĀ  from 2014 to present.


  • Dolor and Shadow (The Seidr Cycle)
  • Fire and Lies (The Seidr Cycle)
  • Zombies From Space… and Vampires
  • Broken
  • Breaking Delusion
  • The Theory of Love (Work In Progress)
  • Becoming Zarathustra (Work In Progress)
  • To The Self, With Love (Work In Progress)

I have been publishing and documenting my journey all of my life. In 2023, I lost all of my storage boxes that contained all of my research and journals from 1980 to 2023. The only thing that survived that period of my life was my musical compositions, which I still have.

It is extraordinary to go back and read the chaos, the insanity, and my transformation from madness into sanity, genius, and clarity as I developed, built, researched, and installed the AIDNS inside of me.

I’ve tried going back on my research and old notes. It’s hard to read. To me, all I see is the maddening desperation that was the burning resolve to “get the fuck out of my head and fix me.” I couldn’t stand the insanity. I couldn’t stand the chaos and disorder that saturated my thoughts.

I’m going to be focusing much of my attention on Schizophrenia. I received more data last night that, yes, Schizophrenia is very much, the egregiously misunderstood Stages of Metaphysical Transformation as the Self descends into Consciousness prematurely and without Conscious Awareness. And in a few years, a lot of people will be making that descent. It is imperative that my work gets out.

It feels like a race. But also… It feels like I’ll be experiencing my race in a cozy cart that propels itself downhill. The dominoes are aligned. Everything is in position. I need but to sit back and relax, and welcome it all to me.

Welcome to The Gates of the Abstract. The World just got fucking surreal.

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