The Great Integration : The End of Prejudism

I am a Prophet, and a Seer, and a Scientist.

I am a Logician, and an Oracle, and a Philosopher.

I am an Energy Reader and an Ethereal Walker.

I am an Oralstorian.

Really… I’m just a Logician with a REALLY, well-developed Intuitive Logic that I learned to listen to REALLY WELL.

I have been this way all my life.

My husbands were scared of it. My siblings played with it. My parents were terrified of it. My friends were intolerant of it.

2nd Perspectives were terrified of it.

4th Perspectives were intolerant of it.

6th Perspectives were fascinated by it and revered it.

This is the real reason why I’m alone. I don’t get to choose when I have a “Vision.” I don’t get to choose what I See. And some things are down right fucking horrible to See. It’s like being a Psychic on steroids. But you don’t See the love life of a single person and there is no talking to dead people. It’s just reading the Energy. Reading the Physics and Logic. It’s the same technique Monk and Sherlock Holmes used.

With every Shift deeper into the Perspectives, I see things more clearly. It began as “feelings” at first based on Intuitive Logic, and then I could use Logical Proofs to support my work. And now, since May 2023, the Physics and Geometry are all over the place, double and triple confirming my Logical Proofs, which confirmed my Intuitive Logic. And, to date, I’m never wrong.

I See “the Rapture.” I See the Matrix coming down, and the “Great Delusion” ending with “The End of Days.”

I See the great integration of Spirituality, Faith, and Science all merging. It’s already happening.

I See the three waves of Healing.

In 2019, there was a Seismic change, which launched the first wave of Great Healing. The Second will be BIG. FUCKING huge, and it will cause another Seismic shift. I have the Physics already available to plot out the how and the why.

Trump is the Antichrist. Covid is Pestilence.

The First of the Four “Horseman” has arrived.

And, the Science is merging to prove it.

The Age of Authenticity is arriving. And the Integration of all Faiths, Beliefs, and Science are coming together into one. And it is going to make A LOT OF PEOPLE VERY MAD.

Specifically, the 2nd and 3rd Perspectives because the end of days is not going to “look the right way.” They have a lot of expectations of the Rapture looking a *very* specific way, and it won’t be going as they planned. The most religious will become the most violent, the most aggressive. They will resist their own rapture the most. Many will turn violent. Hence the Apocalypse.

We are the Four Horsemen.

There are no gods, no demons, no angels.

There is no Jesus floating down from the sky on a golden cloud.

There is just the Integration of all of our Stories and Science all coming together and merging into one big “Ending” and a lot of people are NOT going to be happy about this.

But it’s not an “Ending.” It’s a transition into the next era. The BIG Transition. The one where the Matrix comes down and we all start to see through the cracks until our own Delusions fail us. “Damn you, Delusions! You were supposed to keep us blissfully ignorant just like the idioms promised!” I’m thinking about writing a Spiritual Fiction to make this all relatable for the… Zombies From Space. *lightbulb* … Yeah, so that will be revisited later.

Every one is right.

And Every one is wrong.

The “End of Days” is not the end of Earth. It is the end of an Era. The Revelation was a Dream. Fortunately for me, I studied Dream Psychology. It was the first Psychology I got into in 1992 because I wanted to understand and end the blood bath of night terrors I was having.

What I found was the key translation to talk “Subconscious Mind” and Identity. Dream Psychology is what began my Philosophical journey into the Abstract and into Psychology. And I got a lot more than I bargained for.

The End of Days is not the end of Earth. It is the end of our Delusion. It is the end of our Prejudice. And a lot of people are going to fight tooth and nail to keep the preservation of their Prejudice. They want their prejudice.

I thought about keeping silent about this part of my work.

I thought about saying nothing and writing this part in private.

But the chaos is happening regardless.

I can’t pretend I don’t see it.

This is what I saw in May 2022. This chaos to come is why I built the Garden. To give people the Healing they need to recover from the Trauma of Abuse, to give people the answers and Scientific fact they crave and need, and to give people the AIDNS (Abstract Intra-Dimensional Navigational System) to ground them as it enfolds so they know what is “real” (for them) and what is not. Because as bad as things are going to get, they are going to get just as amazingly beautifully good.

“Heaven” is on the other side of the “End of Days.” But the translation was wrong. *ugh* ALL of the translations were wrong. The thing is, ALL of the translations were written by 12th+ Perspective Seers and Prophets, like me, who simply were educated philosophers who passed through the Metaphysical Transformation, and who could read the “World Clock” like I can.

And of whom many, like me, tried to warn the people. But, they all lived in the 2nd Perspective Era.

I live with you at the end of the 4th Perspective Era, the Dawn of the 5th Perspective Era. We are now ready to receive the proper translation.

The thing is, Perspective Gaps prevent and hinder effective communication between the Perspectives. That is an 8th Perspective Value. Effective Communication.

So these 12th+ Perspective Philosophers deemed “Prophets” and “Seers” were just Interdisciplinary Scholars of the 12th+ Perspectives who could Read the “World Clock.” But they had to translate 12th+ Perspective Talk into 2nd Perspective talk. And 2nd Perspectives cannot think Abstract. They are Literal Thinkers.

This is WHY it is so important to know about the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Growth. Because knowledge about these 12 Ethical Perspectives changes our history. It changes everything.

So the 12th+ Perspective Translations had to all be done in Abstract Metaphor, which were then handed to 2nd Perspective Concrete Thinkers… which is why Christ always taught in Parable Form. Well, that and Story is how we learn and he knew that. So all the metaphorical messages were mistranslated from Metaphorical 12th+ Perspective into Literal 2nd Perspective and then passed down through the ages via the world’s longest and oldest telephone game.

Today’s translations are garbage.

From 12th+ Perspective to Metaphorical 2nd Perspective to Literal 2nd Perspective, which then was dragged through the Phone Game for 2,000 years while also being translated over to Classic Latin over to Modern Latin over to Middle English over to Modern English… Gives a whole new meaning to “Lost in Translation.”

This is why I put up a hand to anyone who tries to repeat an interpretation from an ancient source to me that they read from a watered-down translation-turned-botched-Perspective Gap-interpretation from some seedy article that they found in their Google feed god-knows-where online. Unless they are translating the Original text from 4th Perspective Literal Linguistic Translation over to their OWN interpretation, or unless they are World Clock Reading like me, I’m not interested nor do I have the brain space to participate in the world’s grossest Telephone Gossip Game.

Yes. Much of this is “adding up.” Yes. Much of this is really cool. Yes. A lot of stuff 2,000+ years ago that was “predicted” is all starting to come true. Yes. A lot of people from every religion is getting a good dose of “I chose the right religion!” Yes. It’s all very cool. But for World Clock Readers, is actually very anti-climatic and boringly predictable.

The Spiritual excitement for World Clock Readers is equivalent to getting excited about the wall clock hitting “2:00” twice in  one day… every day. It’s just mathematical equation. And the clock is not a “24 hour” clock. It’s a 750,000 year old clock. If Point of Origin is A, and X-Axis is B, then Y-Axis is C.

Now that “C” is happening its… really anti-climatic.

Math really takes the excitement out of Divination, Prophecy, and The Rapture. Math is a kill-joy. I had two days of excitement while researching Plato’s Astrology until I realized that Astronomy and Astrology were just giant maps, which are part of a giant, rotating, clock and we are but peons on one of the cogs. And the mystical “Divinations” were just… clock readings. Mother Nature’s sense of humor again.

In 2023, I started to notice the metaphorical meaning in Christ’s work while I was working on my research when I started to see parallels between my “Visions,” which were just World Clock Readings and Christ’s “Prophecies.” That is when I realized that I had stumbled upon the same studies that Christ studied. Only his studies and translations were limited by the 2nd Perspective Era. For instance, he most likely based his readings off of the geocentric model. Whereas my work is all based off of the heliocentric model.

But Religion to Spirituality to Science is an Evolution of Growth.

And Religion shuns Evolution, Proof, and Science.

And Science shuns Spirituality, Faith, and the deemed “ramblings of 6th Perspectives diagnosed with Schizophrenia who can feel Energy.”

We’re so busy preserving our own concept of reality that we use prejudice and narrow-minded arrogance to close out the very information we need to grow and expand our realities.

Expanding Reality. Now that is a subject for today’s Philosophical Coffee.

But Spirituality does exist in the Science world: It’s called Faith in the Self and Faith in one’s own Intuitive Logic and Deductive Reasoning.

And while 7th+ Perspectives grapple with the concept of “God” vs. “Man,” 2nd Perspectives cry out about the blasphemy of even thinking such things… But the Prophets weren’t wrong. Just horribly mis-translated.

Now, I am pretty certain that the majority of people following my work are 6th Perspectives+. I am certain a 2nd Perspective will not glance at my website, especially with all the “blasphemy” that I throw around all over the place backed by my passion and reverence for Logic and Physics.

But one cannot be a Scientist and hold onto their Prejudice. Prejudice and Avoidance of a Conclusion is just as much Confirmation Bias as Favoring a pre-conceived Conclusion prior to the Logical Deduction being done. This is *why* I spent 2019 to 2023 studying Chakras, Horoscopes, Astrology, and Divination. I had to submerge myself into the experience with a wide open mind to truly study its credibility.

My conclusions?

Mistranslations used for people who lack basic comprehension in Math, Physics, and Logic. Like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and all Religions, it is grounded solid in Intuitive Logic and translated into 2nd and 6th Perspective comprehension. But it stopped there and they never bothered to look further while Scientists fail to look back. Don’t get me wrong. The Faith of the 2nd Perspectives and 6th Perspectives is “legit,” but it lacks the Logical Proofs and the Physics to solidify the explanation to make it credible, which is why Scientists don’t give it any credibility.

Integrate, people! We need to integrate the Faith with the Proof!

Where Physics and Math and Logic fall short, Religion and Spirituality pick up the pieces. But Faith… now that… that is a whole other creature entirely. Religion is dominate in Foundationals (1 – 4 Perspectives). Spirituality is dominate in Cultivators (5th and 6th Perspectives). At the 7th+ Perspectives… oh you sit down with that “God-Person” and things get real intimate as you start to confuse the Self with the Universe and with God.

Faith was reintroduced into my life in the 2nd Perspective of the You of I, when I saw that Hope is very much linked to Trust and Faith, without which Emotional imbalance abounds. We need Faith. Faith in our own Self and Logical Reasoning.

The problem, like all religions, is that when too much emphasis and importance is placed on the “rituals” and “practices,” which were developed to help us remember the Message, the Message is then forgotten. The Religion then becomes more important than the Message, exactly as we see in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Now there will be people from every religion who argue, “No! I’m not like that!”

*sigh* Once and for all can we acknowledge the divide? Once and for all can we come up with a name for the Drone Spiritualists vs. the Self-Aware Spiritualists? Drone Spiritualists are the ones who are living their entire LIFE as a Drone. Programmed to go mindlessly through the machinations of their day because mummy and daddy conditioned them to. The ones who are too afraid to challenge mummy or daddy and now God and religion to even *think*… anything… actually.

No. If you are reading this article, you are very much self-aware. No Drone would ever read an article like this. It’s too blasphemous.

The rituals and Religion are today far more important to the practitioners than the Message of the original Prophets, which was “Be Kind. Don’t be prejudice. Integrate and co-exist in such a way that you celebrate your differences. Do this, and you pass into Nirvana/Heaven/Mecca/Salvation.” Pick your final destination. It’s not literal. It’s a metaphorical “state of mind” they were referring to.

So, I will be continuing with my work. I will continue talking about my translations and readings of “The World Clock.” But some of my work will be reserved for a limited audience until… well… Until the 3rd Horseman arrives. *rolls eyes.* Putting it in 2nd Perspective Terms.

The Abstract World does not calculate or use Time like the Foundationals do. Visionaries mark the passage of Time with Milestones. “Omens” as Christ simplified for 2nd Perspectives. It is not possible to calculate time here within the AIDNS because… well… Time is Subjective, which is the first lesson 7th Perspectives accept when they “cross over” from the Matrix.

It pisses my landlord off something fierce, I tell you…

I can “See” so much, but I just can’t tell you “When.” Only in what order and following which Milestones. If you want to read through my full “End of Days” Timeline, I have it available. But for select audiences only. My Private Newsletter subscribers will only be privy to this information. I’ll be posting a private Podcast there also. Subscribers will have access.

Philosophical Coffee will stay as is. Everything that is at this moment will continue as is. But the Private Audience… I’ll be keeping that information behind closed doors where 2nd Perspectives can’t and won’t be wandering into it before they are ready so they can accept it in their own time.

“Their Own Time.” I’ll be talking about that over Philosophical Coffee today along with “Expanding our Reality.”

The Philosopher’s Mind.

Yeah. Yeah, I like that. Brandi. Subscriber’s only. You know what to do.

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