Purpose and Want : The Navigators of Life

Want. I can feel the magnetic “pull” toward me every time I say those words. As if I’m bending the cherry-picked creme de la creme of the world toward me. “I want.” And for what? The How is Ethically. Logically. That’s how. What the Why? Oh… that is our Purpose.

And we must have all of these elements Defined in order to navigate life.

Purpose. Our Dreams. Our Future. Our Desires for our Future.

I want my beloved Imp King with which to play, relish, celebrate, and savor the world.

I want to live up to my true potential, so I know I have lived this life doing my best.

I want New York City because here I am Free and here I have the World at my feet with which to play, relish, celebrate, and savor the World with my Imp.

I want the pain in this world to stop, hence my work and my creation of my AIDNS and my lifelong pursuit of Knowledge.

I want happiness. Not just for me, but for all. Because… Ubuntu. Because I know the pain of suffering above any other and I seek to solve the riddle of how and why of suffering and to cure it.

And this too fulfills my potential.

I want to live Ethical and True to my Self because I know too well the suffering when we violate and betray the Self.

How much “Want” pulls on the Energy.

And how much we deny “Want,” yet seek to control all else around us, substituting “Want” with “Control.” How often do we do that? Using cheap substitutes for the real thing?

We live through cheap, inadequate substitutions in an attempt to gain the Psychological Fruit without the Work that goes into the sowing. But Mother Nature knows. And she does not allow “short cuts.”

Sometimes, I feel like the Universe says to me, “You played so much with your Imp. Let that be a taste of what you will have when the work is done.” And the Universe, it took away what I had. I grieved. I endured. I turned to my work. And some days, while I’m pushing through the work, I can hear the Universe say, “Get through this. Endure. Remember the joy you had. That was a taste of what awaits on the other side.”


How much do we dream that is Delusion?

How much do we dream without the work for the Dream.

How much do we Want that motivates us through the Work required to get the Reward.

Whatever it takes.

And the reward? It is worth it. But you’ve got to endure the work and endure the journey until you learn to endure it.


Fear is the lack of the Self Defined in a situation.

Doubt is the belief that you cannot save yourself in that situation.

The opposite of Fear is Defined Self, which is Love.

The opposite of Doubt is Trust in the Self that you can and will.


What is reality if not by our own making? And what makes, shapes, and invents a reality more than what we want?

Want. And pull that Energy toward you.

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