The Logical Law of Emotional Physics and Psychology

Logical Laws of Psychology

1- Emotions are Logical Conclusions formed from the Premise formed within one’s Love, Value, and Beliefs

2- Perspective is the Reality in which an Individual lives and defines their Perception of Truth based on the Logic of their Cognitive Core.

3- Love is a State of Being for it is Constant and Unchanging.

4- Love is the only feeling that exists from nothing and without reasoning. It just is and it requires no reason for it to exist.

5- What we Value (Our Ethics) are determined by what we love.

6- What we Believe is concluded based on what we love and what we value.

7- A Name is a summation of Our Love, Values, and Beliefs.

8- Truth is Subjective

9- Perspective is our Reality is our Perceived Truth is detailed in our Imagination

10- Imagination is the Creative Imagry of Our Perspective and our Perceived Future

11- Our Mental Wealth is dependent and solely defined by how the unwavering Conclusion of Our Perspective.

12- Perspective Abuse is the Attack and/or Forced Alteration of the Cognitive Core that makes up our Perspective


13- All Emotions are always correct

14- If a Logical Fallacy is imbedded within the Cognitive Core, then an equal and corresponding emotion will result reflecting the degree of the Cognitive Dissonance

15- Emotional Energy of Positive and Negative Charge resulting from Emotional Transaction Exchange determine the Emotional Mental Environment within the Cognitive Core.

16- A surplus of Positive Emotional Energy results in a Positive Emotional Mental Environment. This leads to Abundance Mindset, Optimism Mindset, Over-Forecasting, and Positive Mindset

17 – A Surplus of Negative Emotional Energy results in a Negative Emotional Mental Environment. This leads to Scarcity Mindset, Pessism Mindset, Under-Forcasting, and Negative Mindset

18- Human People are Story Beings whose Mental Wealth is determined by knowing, remembering, and understanding our Past Story, Present Story, and Future Story.

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