Self-Taught vs. Formal Education and the Misplaced Value and Trust in Formal Education

Self-Taught vs. Formal Education and the Misplaced Value and Trust in Formal Education

Intelligent vs.

Ignorant People who make Ignorant Conclusion on topics they know nothing about : Education, Knowledge, and Learning.

There is an Educational War going

My Logical Comprehension and my AIDNS is currently attack by Ignorant people who know nothing about knowledge.

Yet, I value them and their acceptance, their approval.

The Power of Credibility.

Where does it come from?

The Unspoken War of Credibility.

It’s like we gain our Credibility from other people.

  • 3rd Party References
  • Vetting
  • Referrals

Can we gain Credibility from the Self or do we require Credibility from an Outside Source?

“You are not qualified to use your own brain.”

The Mind : A User’s Manual.

What if a Human Person could use their own Brain and Mind without the mentorship or tutelage…

  • Narcissism
  • Stolen Power

“They accuse others for their own crimes”

“You are not allowed to use your own mind without proper Authority.” That is what Formal Education is.

That without a Mentor you are not capable of using your own brain.

It’s an old abuser’s trick. And I happen to know the Psychology behind it.

“You are not qualified to use your own brain.”

Education is Power.

This is not about Education. This is not about Credibility. This is about POWER.

And the Measurement of this POWER.

How do you measure up?

The people who are low in this Power, and the ones who attack those who have it. Because they are so ignorant in Education and Power, that they are terrified of people who have more Education and Knowledge than themselves.



So they attach “Credibility” onto Education and Monopolize it to ensure “Unauthorized Education” THEY and only “approved authorities” have the POWER.  You all Intellectual Property if you study under a University.

And that hurts them.

Smear campaign to break down your credibility so they can go on to sell more education to people. And Self-Taught is a direct threat to their Sales Department.

“If people realize that they have the authority to use their own brains, then why do you need a university to begin with?”


Inventory WIFM with Univeristies and Formal Educators

  • Jobs
  • Money
  • Profit
  • Power
  • Control
  • Sales

BUT… there is a problem… People DO have the ability to use their own brain WITHOUT APPROVED AUTHORITY. And, done right, they can beat the “self-proclaimed Educators” at their own game.

So… How do you convince an entire Consumer-Based Society that they need to BUY YOUR PRODUCT?

Make them believe they NEED YOU.


Make them believe they lack the ability to us their own brains.


So they launched a smear campaign targeting the belief that a Human Person could even use their own brains.

They invented a “check list” and made it mandatory to complete a “check list.”

Medical is accurate

Science is accurate



Psychology is garbage

Marketing is “How to manipulate people 101”

The Fountainhead of this entire Matrix lies in the belief that YOU require PERMISSION to use your own BRAIN properly. That you can’t POSSIBLY use your own brain without the “approved” and “licensed” authorities mentoring you on your own brain.

Question the “Education,” learn how to use your own brain, and their entire system will fall.

Quality Education what you need is to learn how to use your own brain.

But if you want to stay an unthinking drone, obediently enslaved to their marketing manipulation, well then… Change nothing. You’re right where you need to be.

Marketing and Education have been used as a weapon against us.

Starting with the first and oldest story : “Do not eat of this fruit because then I will be powerless to control you.”

You have to be QUALIFIED to use your own brain, without their Authority.

Normal means “what nature intended”

Not only are we supposed to allow them to abuse us, but we’re supposed to be happy about it. And the moment we’re not, they abuse us even more.


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