How Manifestation Works according to Physics

Cognitive Core :

Point of Origin = Defined as YOU… Your Identity

PROBLEM : Undefined Self IS a loss of Point of Origin.

Location is Two points with a Defined Point of Relativity

Measuring Progress

Ideal Weigh = 120 Pounds Y-Axis (Final Destination / Heading / True North)

Current Weight on DAY #1  = 160 Pounds (Point Of Origin)

Day 90# Weight is 140 Pounds = X-Axis = Point of Relativity IN COMPARSION to your Point of Origin



Manifestation you are selecting your Point of Origin “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

TRUST… interferes.

Your DREAMS are your Point of Origin / Your end point. Your WANT is your “End point”

Want is Desire is 1o0% Your Initial POTENTIAL Energy > Beliefs REQUIRE TRUST IN YOUR ability to use your BRAIN. > FORCE your Desired results (Y-Axis)

Identity > “I want” > Belief System > Conclusion / Results are … Y-Axis is the Future to Be.


Your. ability to BELIEVE and TRUST IN YOUR ability to use your BRAIN IS what steers the CART!

Order of Operations :



A = Identity (What you want)

B = Your TRUST IN YOUR ability to use your BRAIN

C = CONSEQUENCE that happens naturally just because you want

Ideally : A + B = C

Average Reality : Fear + Lack of Trust Drives C

A is Potential Energy

C is the Kinetic Energy

B is the transference of A to C

BUT… in the Trauma setting

A IS undefined , B is NON-existent, and C is prioritized via FEAR and CONTROL

Psychology is a Chemical Energy transferred to Emotional Energy that follows the Laws of Physics through a set and highly predictable Chain Reaction.

Catalyst produces a hormone (Chemical Energy) Potential Energy, which then produces an Emotional Kinetic,

The Kinetic Chemical Energy is the Initial Potential Emotional Energy that then sits in waiting for YOU (Conscious Awareness) to CHOOSE HOW to transfer the Emotional Potential Energy into Emotional Kinetic Energy.


The Conscious Awareness becomes a RESISTOR instead of a mindful Conductor at the 1oth Perspective the Conscious Awareness learns the value Emotional Flow, Freedom, and Fluidity. Wise Conductor purposely directing the Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy using Logical Navigation. 11th Perspective is Logical Navigation. Emotional Flow = Emotional Logic.

Self-Preservation : How Our Cognitive Core Manages our Mental Health and How You Can Learn To Govern It

All the ways that a Human Person can choose to convert their Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy:

  1. Explore / Learn / Growth / Change (Anger is the Potential Energy “Cap” to Stimulate Change)
  2. Maintenance (Eat / Clean / Sleep / Self-Preservation)
  3. Enjoy / Play /
  4. Communicate
  5. Create

Failure to do so will result in Cognitive Dissonance, which leads to damage to the AIDNS, and eventually, Trauma.

The potential energy will convert into TRAUMA Energy.

It will implode if you do not convert it.




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