Psychology is an Interdisciplinary Study that results from combining Philosophy, Physics, and Economics.

Psychology is an Interdisciplinary Study that results from combining Philosophy, Logic, Physics, and Economics, but the majority of all Psychologists (dare I say none?) have studied none of these. On a rare occasion one may have studied (usually briefly) in Philosophy, but understanding Physics (specifically Law of Energy, Optics, Magnetism, and Dimension Theory) is as vital to Psychology as Math is to NASA.

While the Defined Self is 100% the Journey into Existentialism (an “Identity Crisis” is actually an “Existential Crisis”) in Philosophy and our Story Health is contingent upon our Logical Health, also found in Philosophy and in Math, Emotional Management, Logical Comprehension, Mental Illness, and Relationships is 100% Physics.

The layout and function of the Subconscious Mind has so many similarities to Architecture, it’s mind blowing that no one has caught onto this before. Claims that “Fathers of Psychology” emerged in the 19th Century speaks volumes on our lack of comprehension of the History of Psychology.

Pythagoras (400 BCE) is the Father of Psychology. Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle expanded on his work. It is the core and primary Interdisciplinary Study at the Ancient University of Alexandria. The Human Mind. How it learns, functions, expands, and transfers information from one individual to the next via Physics and Economics. That is Philosophy.

Philosophy was not a single subject of study parallel to reading, writing, and arithmetic. It *was* reading, writing, and arithmetic. And art, teaching, logic, dance, music, physics, geometry, theater, stage, poetry, astronomy, theology, medicine, biology, chemistry, Dimension Theory, Metaphysics, and economics. Philosophy was the study and integration of all knowledge. And, because they were good at it, they knew how to structure learning into a curriculum that uploaded all of that data into the Human Mind in only 12 to 20 years.

The Human Mind is a Learning and Teaching machine. All the mind does is take in, process, and expand. Rinse and repeat. Done right, and you can crank out masses of super-geniuses who make idiot savants and Mensa members look naive. And Alexandria had this mastered. Today, we are so daft in our education that most people think it isn’t possible to learn more than one subject, which (according to common practices today) takes 8 years to master.

Rennaissance Men in the Roman Era were common. By the time the Rennaissance Era arrived, it was so rare, that they coined the phrase “Rennaissance Man.”

And of all of these, Psychology was once at the apex of Interdisciplinary Studies, built on the back bone of Philosophy, Logic, Art, Physics, and Math. It takes an Inventor, an Engineer, an Analyst, a Physicist, and Mathematician to design a bridge. Once upon a time, one man did the job of 10. Today, 10 men are doing the job of 1.

In the field of Psychology, they’re not even calling in the specialists. You want to understand the Human Mind? You need to get yourself a Physicist, an Economist, and a Philosopher.

So why the significant gap in comprehension? Why have we not figured this out, or even noticed? The same reason why we lack understanding in a lot of areas including being able to identify “what is wrong with the world today?”

Bad Teachers. Poor Education. We are officially so ignorant that the Masters in Teaching and Education can’t even do that anymore. The teachers of today were taught at the mercy of the teachers of yesterday, who lacked the education to understand the importance of Art in our Education (the great art funding cut from the 90’s). And the teachers of today are now talking about cutting mathematics from the curriculum because they don’t understand how math is important. There is talk about AI’s now doing the math-work for the Subconscious Mind. And I know, very well, the severe consequence of that choice.

Our Education is suffering so strongly that the big picture and basic comprehension of how a Human Mind learns is not understood. You need Psychology for that. Actually, you don’t need Psychology for anything. What you need is Philosophy, Logic, and Physics. Those subjects break down beautifully how the Subconscious Mind Learns, Absorbs, and Computes.

But Educators don’t study Philosophy, Logic, and Physics.

Educators don’t study Philosophy. Philosophy. Widely translated (incorrectly, I might add) to “Lover of Wisdom.” EDUCATORS don’t study WISDOM. Philosophy is like “The Educator’s Complete Guide on how the Human Mind learns, loves, lives, understands, and teaches.” It is in the name “Lover of Wisdom,” and Educators have been so dumbed down by previously dumbed down Educators that none of them thought to look closer into Philosophy.

Why? I can see the Fear in the decisions our Government and the people have made over the last 100 years… and 500 years.

4th Perspectives have been running this world since the Dark Ages. The Age of Enlightenment (compared to the Dark Ages, it was). 1490’s to 1550’s. 4th Perspectives are still running this world and they are *not* fit for the job.

4th Perspectives do *not* value education. They do not want education. Which is why they keep cutting our programs.

Only the uneducated fail to see the value in education.

When you leave the fate of Quality Education up to the Ignorant and uneducated, they will fail to see the value and integrated importance of Quality Education, and they will fail to provide it for future generations. Intellects, Self-Educators, and Life-Long Learners will reach a point very soon where the Self-Educated will “fire” and Abolish the Self-Deemed “Authorities” in Education for being so grossly inadequate in their own Education, which has lead to their own inability to see, very clearly, the value and need for Quality Education that they so naively can’t see.

And how many teachers are incapable of even answering the one question every student asked? “Why do I have to study this subject?” Not one teacher has ever given the correct answer that I have ever heard. Do you remember asking that question to your teacher when you were in school? How many of them could answer? In my school, not one could answer. Not. One.

Answer : The reason why you have to study math, logic, history, physics, and the sciences is so that you can perceive a multi-faceted Perspective that will allow you to understand your Point of Origin and a wider range of comprehension so you can make educated decisions that take into account catalyst, chain reaction, and consequence to your choices, leading you to a happier life.

The reason why we must study art, music, dance, and theater is to nurture our ability to imagine, which is the fountainhead required for problems solving, authority, autonomy, independent thinking, and thinking “outside of the box.” It is the core of Perspective Shifting so you can view a single topic, problem, or situation from multiple angles.

Math, Physics, and the Sciences help you manage your Logical Health and sharpen your Intuitive Logic so you can better navigate yourself through life resulting in little to no Mental Illness. Leading to Effective Communication so you can transfer and receive information, and so you can make healthy connections and nourish those connections resulting in a strong network and circuit of likeminded individuals.

That is why you have to study these subjects. To gain Perspective, effective communications skills, and the ability to maneuver through and around problems as they arise.

You were taught by a teacher who was so uneducated in their own subject of mastery that they didn’t even know it’s purpose. How much do you trust your own education? How much do you trust your previous educators?


The majority of 3rd and 4th Perspectives don’t want education because they know, intuitively, that this will cause a divide. They know proper education will cause a Schism between Higher Education vs. Lower Education because they logically know, deep down in their gut, that they’ll be “stuck” in the Lower Education bracket. Where they think they will be condemned to doing all the grunt work without the benefit of being in charge… or so they think. They internalize their own actions onto others with the belief that “If someone is smarter than me, then they will make me their slave,” because that is what they would do.

Education is Power. And that is what this is really about. Monopolizing the Power so that those in charge stay in charge. And those without Power stay ignorant and obedient (submissive).

But I know about the Emotional Transactions of Human Connection. It is built on Economics and Physics. I know exactly where Power comes from, how it moves, and how to control Power. I can appreciate how much they don’t want YOU to have this information. Because if you did… Game Over.

Breaking through the class systems has been, for centuries, an impossible task. So much stunted growth, so little faith, so much skepticism. It’s all reflective on how much our Education is lacking. Despite the flood of information, our educated masses are as ignorant as ever. So much so that Masters in Psychology know little to nothing about their own field of Mastery. Which is why so many Psychologists today have Mental Illness, display Narcissism, spent millions of dollars on research for Schizophrenia that left them with absolutely no clue what they are dealing with, oh! But they’re diagnosing it! They’re medicating people for it! Without having a clue what it is (Answer : It’s the Metaphysical Transformation all human people experience between the 6th and 10th Ethical Perspective Stages of Growth).

They are grossly ignorant of their own profession. That is why so many of us are in therapy for 20+ years. It goes to show just how little they actually do know about their own job.

One incident strongly comes to mind. Someone I knew who had 4 PhD’s that spanned the field of Psychology and Psychiatry, and she was not capable of identifying her own PTSD symptoms. A perfect example of how “Educated” does not mean “Internalized and LogicalĀ  Comprehension.” I watched her spiral endlessly out of control for 6 hours while her insecurities carried her further and further into the Abstract, oblivious to the Abstract, her triggers, or her own meltdown.

“Well. It’s harder to see from within.”

You are a Psychologist. That is your JOB. To know how to shift from within, to without, and into other Perspectives and Points of Views so you see the same problem from multiple ANGLES. But that is a discipline only taught and mastered in Metaphysics and Philosophy. Not in Psychology.

The reason why there is a Mental Health crisis is because, technically, when you look into what the basic components of Psychology really are (Philosophy, Logic, Physics, Dimension Theory, and Economics), not a single teacher, professor, university, or course actually teaches Psychology to Psychologists. There has been no field of Psychology in existence since 380 CE when Rome burned Alexandria to the ground.

And there still is no field of Psychology. It’s just the blind leading the blind, which is why I built The Healing Garden. To introduce a New Psychology built on Philosophy, Logic, and Physics that actually gets theĀ  the job done. My team and I are rolling out Triadic Healing and the AIDNS next month.



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