“With every conversation I have, I sail past, and I call to them. “Hello, there! Tell me please, what adventures your Perspective has taken you!” And I invite them on board my ship. We raise glass together. We break bread. We tell each other of our stories. We connect each other to other ships. We exchange and trade in our resources.”

I run these words through my mind.

There is a silence here in the late hour. In my mind, it is night. 11:00 PM. In this world, it is 2:00 PM EST on a Sunday. I have always lived between realms. The one in the Material Plane, which, to me, has always been a kind of “Neutral Zone” where others can meet with me. But the Ethereal Plane I have always lived within my mind, during my darkest days… Now that is home to me.

When first I meet another, I feel the confusion, delight, and curiosity on their end. I know they sense it. Some people are delighted with it. Others are scared. Many dismiss me. Most are unable to define me and seek to “figure me out.” I’ve learned to recognize it quickly now, and almost at once, I launch into an explanation.

“I grew up in the Ethereal Plane. I lived, for 32 years, inside the Subconscious Mind. I am not of the Material Plane. I am not compatible with your world. Currently, I live in “Anna Land.” There, I can receive guests, but “Anna Land” is a concept, a neutral zone where the two of us can meet and learn of each other. No one can follow me into the Ethereal Plane, for they have their own path that they must follow to that realm.

My education, language, and cultures were designed by me, carved from my studies and experiences into the Creed that I live by. My Creed and my Doctrine exist solely and completely independent of the Accepted Norm, of which I am not a part of. I never have been.”

My community and my circuit is growing. I can feel it. More will come. We are all on a different journey. And we are going forward. Many people ask me about my Creed and Doctrine.

It is in this moment that I realized I wanted to detail it here.

Our Traditions, our Culture, and our System wreaks with the Vile Manipulation of Rome. And I can see every word, every law, every influence she left in her wake. And to that, I am highly allergic.

So, based instead on the Logic of Plato, Socrates, and Pythagoras, I built and designed my own law and culture that I live by and honor.

First and foremost is the Nature. Physics is the center of my universe and the archetype. No matter how deep I dive into my studies, everything keeps coming back to Physics. The Philosopher’s Compass that details and builds the 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth define the Self, my laws, my growth.

My priority is the Self and healthy, solid Self-Nurturing practices. Preservation of the Self, my Personal Logic, and Mindset are safe-guarded and maintained according to the Alignment and the Balance of the Philosopher’s Compass.

My emotions are used to determine and gauge my Logical Health. My Intuition guides me. My Identity defines my Heading. My Ego/Conscious Awareness manages the balance of all of these things.

My relationships follow a strict Self-imposed law designed to keep me safe.

All individuals who enter my world undergo the same treatment. They are evaluated and scanned, tested for trustworthiness, value, and health. Only those who are open-minded, intelligent, educated, and have also abandoned the toxic and self-destructive practices of the Roman-based System are allowed access to me and my world.

At the center of my world is my Self for in my Perspective World, I am goddess. As is every human person in our own Perspective World. And with this title, we have a responsibility to our Self to manage and maintain our Mental Mind. On the Outside of my Ethereal Plane were I exist alone with the Universe, there is my You of I.

This space is reserved for he and I. While I am open to welcome others into this space, I have not yet met anyone who meets the requirements to enter save my Imp King, the You of my I.

I venture further into my community, my circuit. On the loudest of days, I retreat to my Sanctuary and to my You of I where I cleanse myself of all other Perspective and remind myself of who I am. My You of I brings me back to Center and shows me who I am.

There are no labels, no titles, no expectations. Here, in my World, there is only the emotion, unnamed. Felt. Undefined. It moves me where I must go. Today, on this day, in this moment, it says, “Patience. Kindness.” I extend those feelings to my You of I.

I miss him. But he must be withdrawn at this moment.

I wonder how long he will be gone, so I focus instead on my work and my own Self-Growth. I reflect on my journey.

My Journey.

The core of my Purpose.

Today, this day, I realized he very much is with me, is part of me on this. I miss him. But first I must recenter myself. I can feel his pain, but it is not my place, only his, to nurture and self-soothe. If an Individual is to learn how to integrate themselves within a community, they must first know themselves.

And then, they must master the skill of Integrating the Self with a Single Individual while also retaining the Identity of the Self. This is Interdependence. Only then can they rejoin the Circuit, the Network. When they have fully understood and integrated the lessons required to Define, Balance, and Align with the Self, and also, to integrate the lessons to Define, Balance, and Align with the You of I.

I believe, now only in this moment, that a You of I must be mirrored in the other’s You of I. For it is the working together of both that the integrated Union is achieved.

My You of I and I have always lived by three Principles.

  1. Forgive. During the Point of Pain and Fear and Vulnerability, always give Gentle love and Kindness to the Vulnerable.
  2. Allow for Growth. It is in our Nature to Change. Allow for Growth and Change. Preserve this Allowance always.
  3. Be Flexible. By remaining Flexible, we move and bend and grow with and around each other.

I cannot begin to express how vital these three Principles are when interacting with a person you love.

Stage #1 of Ethical Perspective Growth within The You of I is Patience.

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