Brave New World

I am supposed to journal now.

I will still podcast, but I am to journal and write. I am definitely in the 1st Stage of Ethical Perspective Growth within the You of I. It’s different here. Already, it feels like I am learning… the next Perspective Stage #1 from a different Perspective. From the Perspective of the You of I. It is as if, “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes” can only be learned and mastered from the You of I.

The I of I was all about the Self. 12 Stages to define Self-Love. The Foundation of the Self.

Sometimes, when I delve deep into my work, the Perspectives that come to me are so extraordinary. It is so clear and simple. So logically pure and clean like crystal. How could we not know or see this before? How ever could we have lost this information? I know how. I know why. And this information is, without a doubt in my mind, the most beautiful, breathtaking thing I have ever learned or realized.

The 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth. The 12 “ingredients” for Love. The Philosopher’s Compass. The coming together and the recipe of Love and of the Self. How we love. How we interact with others. How we “play nice.” How we flourish and connect. How we live out or lives from day to day, month to month, season to season.

And it is infinite. Some days, I just look into the Dimensions and how each compass births from Love, each new compass. It brings me to tears from the breathtaking beauty of the math, the perfection… I have never, in all my life imagined anything more beautiful, precise, perfect, and clear. And all I wish is to show this to the world. To ask each and every person, “Do you know who you are? How infinitely beautiful and perfect each one of us is? And… my god… how well you fit into the grand scheme of all things with me?”

My journey here was not a pleasant one. Good god, my podcast, my book, and my blog posts reflect the chaos, insanity, babbling, and the nightmares. But it all was just the process. And I know I have barely begun this journey. I feel like an explorer, a pioneer simply documenting my journey as it enfolds before me. Only, instead of my discovering land or oceans, my Frontier is Dimension and the Subconscious Mind.

To think, all of this is what waits within the Subconscious Mind. And all I can do is, like a captain seated in at my desk in my cozy quarters, I write, I document, I journal on the adventure and exploration that enfolds before my mind’s eye. Eager to hear what other adventures neighboring ships with their captains have discovered.

With every conversation I have, I sail past, and I call to them. “Hello, there! Tell me please, what adventures your Perspective has taken you!” And I invite them on board my ship. We raise glass together. We break bread. We tell each other of our stories. We connect each other to other ships. We exchange and trade in our resources.

We form a union, a society, a Circuit of Perspective travelers. And, at night, after my friend and guest has returned to his ship, and I to my quarters, I revisit my Captain’s log. Dimension : 1 of the You of I. Oh, you beautiful, crazy, Brave New World. What have I stumbled into? My only regret? That Pythagoras, Plato, and Socrates are not here to see precisely where their work has landed us.

I am still a Psychological Archeologist, but those days are numbered. I am venturing out into the Age of Exploration, a Pioneer of the Subconscious Mind and Philosophy. Who would have ever thought that this would end up being Home.

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