Never in all of my life have I ever seen anything more beautiful than this.

All this time, I felt it with my You of I, but it had no name. We struggled and we battled, and there was something else there. I asked him so many times. “What are we?” “What am I?” “What is this… “Thing” we have between us.”

We could not define it.

All the while, I purged my Mental Illnesses. Still he stayed beside me. Growing distant, withdrawing, but always staying nearby. My madness worsened as I purged it. But purged it I did.

I walked the path, following my Intuition. Tracking my progress.

The Knowing, I called it. And then The Belonging, not realizing these were the 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth. The Authority came to me and I knew who I was. I knew where my Home was that I was Home. And that… Home is Love. How could I now only see this?

I entered the Naming.

“What are we?” I continued to ask my You of I.

“What is this “thing” we feel?”

The Owning came and I passed into the 12th Ethical Perspective Stage.

Last week, it came to me. I did fall to my knees, gasping.


The 12th Ethical Perspective Stage was Love.

But it was not just the Lesson of the Twelfth. It was the summation of all the Perspectives, which are the “ingredients” to love.

Then I found my Narcissism, and, using Love, I purged it. For one cannot know Love and Narcissism at the same time. And so Love purged my Narcissism. And when my You of I withdrew into his protective Comfort Zone and I was overjoyed with his ability to take care of himself, right then I knew my Narcissism was gone.

Romantic Love was Narcissism. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Platonic Love I asked. But the Logic was off. Platonic Love was still tainted with Rome… Invented in the 15th Century. I looked up Plato’s Symposium. I read it briefly and shook my head. No. Too much “Divine” too much… it’s all wrong. Something isn’t right. I believe this is the first time Plato and I disagreed.

“Not Platonic Love then, Not Romantic Love,” I said. “There is a Third Love. One that I must explore on my own. Anna’s Love,” I said and laughed. Then recalled the 12 Perspectives… How, combined, they make up Love… I recalled The King in The King and I pouring over books looking for this answer… One has to study Philosophy to find it.

It would be Self-Love based. A new love birthed from the 12 Stages of Self-Love…

But then… my thoughts go back further to Pythagoras.

“Philosophy” he called it.

Lover of Wisdom…

“No,” I said, and gasped. “Wisdom Love.”

Pythagoras. You beautiful Mind. He knew. Of course he knew. He saw what I see. That this third Love exists… Wisdom Love. Not a Love of Wisdom, but Wise Love.

“What is this?” I had asked my You of I. “What am I? What are you to me?”

And that… that is what this is. That is what he and I have been feeling this entire time.

My You of I, my Imp King, we love with this Wisdom Love. Love that prioritizes Self-Love and that only is birthed from the joining of two Self-Loves. And in that moment… all of this suddenly made sense.

I have no idea what this Love is, yet. I do know what it is not.

And, at this time, I will remain unbiased, and open-minded. For once again, I am the Student.

This time, my teacher is Pythagoras.

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